Scanfrost Refrigerator Provides Quick Long Lasting Cooling

Scanfrost is known for its durability and great after sales services. Historically, the brand is known for its chest freezers and display coolers. In...

Rechargeable fan online: Lontor rechargeable fan

We live in a very hot weather condition in the country with epileptic public power supply by PHCN‎, so it became a necessity to...

Buying Guide for Refrigerators

There is more than just choosing the right capacity when it comes to buying a new refrigerator. With all of the latest features and...

LG Gen cool inverter air conditioner; LG AC with inverter

The new LG Gen cool Inverter air conditioner is personally manufactured for Nigerian Market to meets the demands of customers who want to use...

LG Refrigerator price, features and Price list in Nigeria

LG Refrigerators are efficient, durable and Easy to use. LG Refrigerators promotes a healthier lifestyle‎.‎ For example LG Refrigerator 225 provides longer‎-lasting freshness for your food‎...

Scanfrost Bottle Cooler Price and Specs in Nigeria

            Scanfrost Bottle cooler is a cooler refrigerator with an internal light with no frost on glass and an adjustable leg and Illuminated branding on...

Lg anti mosquito split air condition in Nigeria

            Behold LG Anti Mosquito Split Air Condition that claims actively repels mosquitoes as it keeps the house cool a seemingly obvious blending of technologies.While...

Rechargeable Fans in Nigeria price feature and specifications

            Nigeria is mostly known for its inconsistent power supply. It is however discovered that Nigeria weather at this time is hot which place most...

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