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Rechargeable fan online: Lontor rechargeable fan


lontor-fanWe live in a very hot weather condition in the country with epileptic public power supply by PHCN‎, so it became a necessity to have an innovative that will provide you with fresh air when there is no electricity. ”Behold”Lontor rechargeable standing fan that came in 14, 16 and 18 inches and posse’s arsenal of effective air-cooling features. The wide-range swivelling head sweeps back and forth across the room and may be tilted back, lifted, or lowered for direct airflow. The specifications, features including the benefits of lontor rechargeable fan and many more are mentioned in this write up. You will be pleased to have one after reading this article. Visit us today at www.kara.com.ng for Lontor rechargeable fan and other rechargeable standing fan in Nigeria at affordable prices compared to other stores in Nigeria.


Where to buy fan online

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Price of lontor rechargeable fan

Lontor rechargeable fan (16 inches) is sold for N12,000




Brand: Lontor

Model: CTL‎-CF017R


Dimension: ‎(‎L x W x H cm‎)‎:59.5×53.5×70

Blades: 3 blades

Colour: White

voltage: AC110-230V/50-60Hz

Battery: 12 v4.8 Ah maintainance – free rechargeable lead – acid battery

LED lights: 12 LEDs

Duration: 30 hours for LED strong light 120 hours for LED dim light

5 hours for fan in “HIGH” speed function

8 hours for fan in “MEDIUM” speed function

13 hours for  fan in “”LOW” speed FUNCTION



•    Rechargeable
•    Multi-function fan
•    High efficiency blade
•    2-speed 14”16”and 18  stand fan
•    Built-in LED night light
•    Charging and operating indicator
•    Oscillation and height adjustment


Benefits of Lontor Rechargeable Fan

Lontor rechargeable fan has dual functionality‎;‎ it operates with electricity while charging itself at the same time‎.‎ So when power goes off‎,‎ it won’t stop working‎,‎ it switches to battery mode and continues working for several hours‎.‎

  • Lontor rechargeable fan is very reliable and durable.‎
  • Lontor rechargeable fan works up to 7 hours without power
  • You  can use Lontor rechargeable fan indoor and outdoor as the occasion requires‎.‎
  • Lontor rechargeable fan is very affordable‎,‎ energy efficient and it operates quietly‎,‎ even at high speed‎.‎

Instruction on how to operate lontor rechargeable Fan

  • When the product is plugged into the socket, please switch to “AC” position. Otherwise, please switch to “DC” position.
  • Switch to “HIGH” position to activate the High-Speed function.
  • Switch to “LOW” position to activate the Low-Speed function.
  • Switch to “OFF” position to stop the fan working.

How to charge Lontor rechargeable Fan

  • Open the cord cover in the back of the fan.
  • Pull out the power plug and plug into the power supply.
  • The charge indicator turns red showing that the product is recharging. After full charging, the indicator turns green.
  • Please charge the fan at least 20 hours for the first use. Normal recharging time is approximately 20-24 hours.



  • Children should not use  the product without supervision.
  •  Always recharge the product after use. If not being used charge at least 8 hours every 3 months.
  • The best temperature for using or charging the product is between 32°F and 104°F.
  • Clean the product with damp cloth if necessary.


Price and Availability

Visit us today at www.kara.com.ng for Lontor rechargeable fan and other rechargeable standing fan in Nigeria at affordable prices compared to other stores in Nigeria


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