Home Cooling Systems LG Refrigerator price, features and Price list in Nigeria

LG Refrigerator price, features and Price list in Nigeria


lg refLG Refrigerators are efficient, durable and Easy to use. LG Refrigerators promotes a healthier lifestyle‎.‎ For example LG Refrigerator 225 provides longer‎-lasting freshness for your food‎ without putting extra load on the compressor‎. LG Refrigerators 225 make ice 20% faster with a specially designed patented ice tray‎.‎ So whenever you get an idea to surprise your loved ones with a chilled drink‎,‎ you’re ready without pressing any button go for LG Refrigerators. I will be listing some model of LG Refrigerators and there prices in this write up. when buying some LG Refrigerators  You don’t need to spend extra on stabilizer because many  LG refrigerators can withstand voltage fluctuation ranging from 135V to 290V‎.‎ And that too while maintaining uniform cooling in extreme voltage conditions. No need to look far, get LG Refrigerators today on www.kara.com.ng and enjoy unlimited value for your money.


Where to buy LG refrigerator

Buy your LG refrigerators on www.kara.com.ng


LG Refrigerator Price

LG Refridgerator 225 is Available for  ₦51,600.00


LG Refrigerator Price list in Nigeria


LG Refrigerator 225 White (One Door)                ₦51,600.00

LG Refrigerator 225 Silver (One Door)                 ₦52,800.00

LG Refrigerator 051                                              ₦21,000.00

LG Side-By-Side Refrigerator 217(LGJ)               ₦345,000.00

LG Refrigerators (One Door) 051 SA                    ₦24,000.00

LG Refrigerator 379 Two Doors (Bottom Freezer) ₦87,000.00

LG Refrigerator 602 Two Doors (Top Freezer)      ₦137,500.00

LG Refrigerator 181 White (One Door)                   ₦38,400.00

LG Side-By-Side Refrigerator 237 JSYN (Linear Compressor)  ₦504,000.00₦441,000.00

LG Refrigerator 131 Silver (One Door)                   ₦33,000.00

LG Refrigerator 151 (One Door)                             ₦35,640.00

LG Refrigerator 252 Two Doors (Top Freezer)       ₦67,200.00

LG Refrigerator 282 White Two Doors (Top Freezer)₦73,200.00

LG Refrigerator 282 Silver Two Doors (Top Freezer)₦74,400.00

LG Refrigerator 762 (Linear Compressor) Two Doors (Top Freezer) ₦170,500.00
LG Refrigerator 802 (Linear Compressor) Two Doors (Top Freezer) ₦220,000.00
LG Refrigerator 802GLPC With Dispenser Linear Compressor Two Doors ₦187,000.00
LG Freezer 404 And LG Refrigerator Side-By-Side 401 ₦180,000.00₦165,000.00

LG Refridgerator 131 (One Door) White                                ₦31,200.00

LG Chest Freezer 235                                                            ₦60,000.00

LG Standing Freezer FRZ154W                                             ₦45,000.00

LG Standing Freezer FRZ204W                                             ₦62,400.00

LG Chest Freezer 325                                                            ₦78,000.00

LG Standing Freezer 204W                                                    ₦62,400.00

LG Refrigerator 131 Silver (One Door) + Saisho Electric Jug ₦30,500.00

LG ONE DOOR REFRIGERATOR 131                                  ₦30,000.00

REF 217 C                                                                              ₦308,000.00


Key Features

  • Anti Bacteria Gasket
  • Fastest Ice Making
  • Soft Veg Basket
  • Open Door alarm
  • Handle Type Flash


LG Refrigerator 225 Specification


  • Star Rating: 5 StarCapacity (Litre): 215
  • Works without Stabilizer: Yes
  • Fastest Ice Making: Yes
  • Open Door alarm: Yes
  • Base Stand with Drawer: Yes
  • Cell Fresh Crisper: Yes
  • Anti Bacteria Gasket: Yes
  • Soft Veg Basket: Yes
  • Humidity Controller: Yes
  • Exterior Handle Type: Flash
  • Base Stand with Drawer:  Yes
  • Door Lock:  Yes
  • Door Finish: STS VCM
  • Color: Stainless Steel
  • Freezer Compartment Freezer Door: Transparent
  • Freezer Compartment Tray Ice (No./ Rows):  2/2
  • Refrigerator Compartment Soft Vegetable Basket: Yes
  • Refrigerator Compartment Humidity Controller:  Yes
  • Refrigerator Compartment Door Alarm: Yes
  • Refrigerator Compartment Shelf Type: Toughened Glass
  • Refrigerator Compartment  No. Of Shelves: 2
  • Refrigerator Compartment Chiller: Transparent
  • Refrigerator Compartment Veg Basket:  Transparent Big Capacity
  • Refrigerator Compartment Cover Tray Veg: Cell Fresh Crisper
  • Refrigerator Compartment Beauty ‘n’ Care Box:   Yes
  • Refrigerator Compartment Freeze ‘n’ Cook Box:  Yes
  • Refrigerator Compartment Egg cum ice tray: 2
  • Refrigerator Compartment Vita Plus: Yes


Pricing and Availability

 You can get all LG refrigerators mentioned in the price list above and more on www.kara.com.ng at affordable prices





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