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Best Air Conditioner Price in Nigeria.

best air conditioner in nigeria

Nigeria is one of the hottest country in Africa. At some period of the year the weather could be unbearable due to the increase in temperature above normal rate. A conducive home or office is a cool atmosphere.

The Temperature of your room surely have effect on your mood and comfortability, hence, you cant afford to overlook the importance of an air conditioner in your home and offices. Although, Fan can also give you the coolness you need, however, AC is much more effective with lasting result.

What is an Air Conditioner.

An air conditioner is a system or a machine that treats air in a defined, usually enclosed area via a refrigeration cycle in which warm air is removed and replaced with cooler airAir conditioning is the process of removing heat and moisture from the interior of an occupied space to improve the comfort of occupants. In construction, a complete system of heating, ventilation, and air conditioning is referred to as HVAC.

There are different types of Air conditioner and also different brands with affordable price and trustworthy product.

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Types Of Air conditioner.

  • Split Air Conditioner.
  • Window Air Conditioner.
  • Standing Air Conditioner.
  • Packaged Air conditioner.
  • Central Air Conditioner.
  • Portable Air Conditioners
  • Ceiling Air Conditioners

The choice of which air conditioner system to use depends upon a number of factors including how large the area is to be cooled, the total heat generated inside the enclosed area, etc. An HVAC designer would consider all the related parameters and suggest the system most suitable for your space.

Window Air Conditioner

Window air conditioner is the most commonly used air conditioner for single rooms. This air conditioner components, namely the compressor, condenser, expansion valve or coil, evaporator and cooling coil are enclosed in a single box. This unit is fitted in a slot made in the wall of the room, or more commonly a window sill.

Split Air Conditioner

Split system Air conditioner is also know as Ductless split AC. As the name connotes, Split AC consist of two or more parts. These Includes, the condenser unit, which is installed outdoors, and then compact blower units or evaporative units, which are usually mounted on walls. The blower unit is situated in appropriate areas for the ‘zones’ you want to cool. These parts are connected via conduits, which carry the power and refrigerant lines. For this unit you don’t have to make any slot in the wall of the room. A split air conditioner can be used to cool one or two rooms.

Floor Standing Air Conditioner

The floor air conditioner, as the name itself might suggest, stands on the floor. The cooling unit is located inside the house, while the condenser is located outside. In the case of the central air conditioner, on the other hand, the entire unit is located outside

Packaged Air Conditioner

if you want to cool more than two rooms or a larger space at your home or office, this type of AC is the best solution to pick. Packaged Air Conditioner or PTACs are the types of air conditioning system which is commonly found in commercial spaces such as hotels, hospitals, apartment buildings, and senior or assisted living facilities.

Central Air Conditioner.

A central air conditioning system is comprised of a huge compressor that has the capacity to produce hundreds of tons of air conditioning. Cooling big halls, malls, huge spaces, galleries etc is usually only feasible with central conditioning units. Central air requires a professional to install and will be the most expensive system we look at here.

The Central ACs are made up of two units: the condensing unit that is located outside the home and the evaporative unit that is located next to the furnace. The two units are connected to each other through refrigerant tubing.

The condensing unit is responsible for generating the cool air that is propelled into the evaporative unit. The evaporative unit then pushes the cool air throughout your home using the furnace duct system.

Portable Air Conditioners

A portable air conditioner also known as Air cooler is a single self-contained unit that can be wheeled into a room and positioned on the floor. Portable air conditioners tend to be noisy.

Ceiling Air Conditioners

Ceiling mounted air conditioners are as the name implies mounted on the ceiling. Being on top also means they can circulate air more efficiently.

However, they require expert installation as you will need to run duct from the air conditioner to the condenser unit located outside. Ceiling cassette air conditioners come in high capacities and are designed for larger rooms.

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List of Best Air Conditioner in Nigeria

  • Haier Thermocool Air Conditioner.
  • Panasonic Air Conditioner.
  • Midea Air Conditioner.
  • LG Air Conditioner.
  • Sumec Air Conditioner.
  • Samsung Air Conditioner.
  • Scanfrost Air Conditioner.
  • Hisense Air Conditioner.
  • Skyrun Air Conditioner.

Haier Thermocool is one of the best company that produces good and trustworthy Air Conditioners at affordable prices.

Haier Thermocool Air conditioners Price

Panasonic Air Conditioner Price.

Panasonic air conditioners are known for their durability and this has made them a mainstay of cooling systems in a lot of Nigerian homes.

LG Air Conditioner Price.

LG Air Conditioners looks stylish and it is more affordable, easy set-up and they have different colors, sizes for every home space. LG’s air conditioning solutions provide significant energy savings, powerful cooling and true comfort.

Sumec Air Conditioner price


Samsung Air Conditioner Price.

Scanfrost Air Conditioner Price

Hisense Air Conditioner Price.



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