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LG OLEDB6 55-Inch 4K Smart TV

LG OLED B6 was launched in 2016, as the most affordable flat TV ever launched by LG.  Though it was launched last year,  the...

Video-Door-Phone System for Security In Nigeria

  The rate of crime in this modern age has been an eye opener to the need for securing our homes and property, however there...
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Best Electric Rim Lock In Nigeria

Make the doors in your home safer and more secure by using an Electric Rim Lock. Many homes and business organization find it important to...
smoke alarm

“Smoke Alarm Detector” A Protective Measure to Fire

The need to protect our lives and property against any damage or danger cannot be but emphasized. According to research, over 2000 people lose their...
Wizod Electric fence energizer

Wizord 4 Electric fence Energizer

The first security measure to secure our home and property is the Electric Fence. Energizers are designed to supply the electric fence with power. Energizers are...
Fire Alarm panel

The Need For a Fire Alarm Panel

Fire can destroy a house and all of the possession­s in it in less than an hour, and it can reduce an entire forest to...

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