Home Cooling Systems How often should you clean your household appliance?

How often should you clean your household appliance?

How often should you clean your household appliance?

“How often should you clean your household appliance?” is the question that needs to be asked all the time. Home appliance is one of the most essential things in every home in today’s world. The household appliance has to be used to make a lot of work easier at home.

People ignore home appliances until they realize they are in need of it. Then, they realize it is dirty and needs cleaning at that moment.  Take care of your home appliance before they take care of you is the saying. Dirt on an appliance can lead to rust which might not only disfigure the body of your appliance but also spoil the interior fittings that allow it to work.

How and when can I clean my Household appliance?

Below, are the most used household appliances and how to clean them.

Dish Washer

How often should you clean your household appliance?

Studies say that germs, mostly fungi tend to accumulate in dishwashers. You can stop them by wiping the seal below weekly. Using a mild bleach solution will be handy. You can also, fill a dishwasher safe bowl with a cup of white vinegar and place it on the bottom of the empty dishwasher. Set the dishwasher on a hot water cycle. The vinegar will help clean up stuck dirt in the dishwasher.

Washing Machine

How often should you clean your household appliance? - washing machine

Intestinal Bacteria tends to accumulate in your washing machine without you cleaning it when it should be. Cleaning your washing machine with water and bleach by running an empty cycle could help. This should either be done weekly or bi-weekly depending on how often you use your washing machine.

Air conditioners

Every air conditioner has a filter and these filters can easily be clogged by dust mites and fungal spores. Therefore, it is always advisable to change a filter when it is clogged. You should also consider using a fitting air conditioner filter to change with. You should also wipe the surface of our Air Condition once in a while with anti-bacterial solutions. Cleaning up the water from your Air Conditioner would not be a bad idea too instead of waiting a long time to do so. Get your Air Conditioner

Cookers and stoves

Gas cooker in Nigeria

Yuck! Cooking on a dirty stove can be really infuriating and disgusting. Why not clean up that gas or electronic cooker of yours instead of cringing while cooking? Spills and splatters of food on your cookers that are not clean always could damage it. This could be a good growing and resting place for microbes. You don’t want to get sick! To prevent this, your cooker’s tops and stove’s tops should be cleaned every time food is made on them. Since it is really rare for you to prevent spills while cooking your delicious meal. Get yours here


Shared microwave ovens might deserve sanitisers before grabbing the handles. It is also very good to wipe the outside o your microwave too. You should also make sure you see your face in the glass before you stop cleaning it. Cleaning the Oven chambers with soap and water is also advisable especially if there are splashes. You should clean your microwave each time after use. Get a standard microwave here.


Your refrigerators are the hotbed of germs out of all household appliances. Do you know why? Because most of your raw food goes into it. Most Raw protein food can harbour listeria. This Listeria can strive at refrigerator temperature. Listeria is dangerous for Old, pregnant and ow immune people. Not only that, but it also accommodates fungi and moulds to grow. You have to wipe up spills immediately with an antibacterial solution or wipes. Give the outside a good wipe to make it shiny and sparkly. Inside the refrigerator should be excavated and given a thorough clean once in two weeks. Get your Refrigerator here.

Having this superb thing done to your household appliance is everything. The question, “How often should you clean your household appliance?” has been answered. It is in your hand to start to make it right now. Get more informative updates here and get your home appliances here.

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