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The Need For a Fire Alarm Panel

Fire Alarm panel

Fire can destroy a house and all of the possession­s in it in less than an hour, and it can reduce an entire forest to a pile of ash and charred wood. It is a terrifying weapon, with nearly unlimited destructive power. Fire kills more people every year than any other force of nature.

But at the same time, fire is extraordinarily helpful. It gave humans the first form of portable light and heat. It is also important for home and industrial use, therefore we cannot do without a fire. However, having sufficient fire safety equipment within a commercial environment and home is vital for the health and safety of man and properties.

Fire Alarm Bell

The need for Fire alarm cannot be but pointed out because it is indispensable if you want to avoid unforeseen circumstances.

Fire Alarm is a device that makes a loud noise in order to give warning of a fire for evacuation of the premises and a quick precaution.

Fire alarm systems have become increasingly sophisticated and functionally more capable and reliable in recent years, it is designed to fulfill two general requirements: protection of property assets and protection of life.

In addition to this,  the fire alarm is installed at home to help you prevent the fire before it escalated into something too big. Although the first thing that always comes to mind when the alarm, sound is to evacuate the building in the soonest, however, to save our property also it is important to also call the fire service to put it off.

However, although the Fire service can not respond as quickly as we need them due to the condition of our country where traffic is now the order of the day in every location before the team gets to the venue the damage done might be too grave for repair.

Here comes the need to have a portable  Fire extinguisher at home which is the first Aid to be put in place to prevent it from escalating into something bigger before the team gets to the location that is if they are still needed.

Where Fire Alarm system is needed

Fire alarm panels act as a control unit for fire alarm systems that have multiple linked detectors. They are typically used in larger buildings and commercial properties. Their primary tasks are to monitor fires, alert people to the location of a fire and supply power to fire detectors.

fire alarm panel

Types of Fire Alarm Panel

Fire alarm panels usually fall into two categories, conventional and addressable.

Conventional fire alarm panels

  • Modern conventional fire alarm systems work by having a series of circuits that link all fire sensors back to the central panel.
  • If a fire is detected then a signal is sent from the sensor to the panel, this will result in an LED light coming onto to indicate the location of the potential fire. This is often represented with a map/floor plan of a property on the panel. This is used by fire fighters when locating a fire.
  • Conventional fire alarm panels are best for managing fire alarms systems in small to medium sized locations e.g. in shops, schools, restaurants, and flats.

Addressable fire alarm panels

  • Addressable fire alarm systems are more advanced and need a more sophisticated control unit. Addressable fire panels have more capacity and flexibility, allowing more control over the system. They are therefore best suited to larger offices, commercial buildings, entertainment venues and environments with very specific fire protection/safety requirements.
  • These systems are generally used in situations when it’s critical to know where exactly where a fire is straightaway. With addressable, rather than a building being wired into zones, the entire system is wired in one or more loops, with devices being labeled with an exact location description on the panel so that a fire can be pinpointed down to the individual detector that was activated.
  • This type point out the exact location of the fire.
  • As all devices are wired in loops, more reliability is provided in the system than that of conventional as if damage occurs at some point in the cable signals can still reach the panel.


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