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LG OLEDB6 55-Inch 4K Smart TV

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LG B6 OLED55B6P (2016) reviewLG B6 OLED55B6P (2016) review

LG OLED B6 was launched in 2016, as the most affordable flat TV ever launched by LG.  Though it was launched last year,  the Television still stand as one of  the best OLED Television with  great design and appealing specification which can  be seen in  flagship television. it shared almost the same premium design and picture quality to that of  G6 and E6.


Out of the  box,  LG OLED B6 features a 55 inch display screen in an  extraordinarily beautiful design and offers a slim design through the body,  though plenty of LCD TVs are exceedingly slim in profile these days, but just few OLED televisions storms this feature even without the striking picture-on-glass design of more expensive 2016 LG OLEDs, it’s still a beautiful TV.

The top half of the B6 TV, consists of just the OLED panel and enough structure to support it, it is pencil thin with just 0.18 inch deep and the  bottom half of the rear carrying a plastic and little metal section contains the brains , connection box and other stuff live, is thicker at just under two inches , making the television  look rather conventional compare to  the higher-tier models. Of cos something  like this is expected as the money is been  beat down then something has to suffice for it. However, B6 is a solidly designed TV, with looks that quite befitting more than the price tag put on  it.

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LG OLED B6 Features

Despite being much cheaper than its E6 and G6 siblings, the OLEDB6 seems to offer an identical picture specification in terms of contrast, brightness, colour range and motion processing. Particularly it features an eye-catching maximum brightness of around 650 nits (far ahead of anything LG’s 2015 OLED range could manage), and a colour performance that delivers around 94% of the so-called DCI-P3 colour spectrum used in commercial digital cinemas.

 LG’s decision to carry the Dolby Vision version of HDR, with its extra layer of data providing scene-by-scene optimisation, seems like a canny move. OLED B6 offers support for both HDR10 and Dolby Vision, two different High Dynamic Range (HDR) formats which have a noticeable impact on picture quality when watching HDR content, the bulk of which can be streamed from Netflix and Amazon or sourced from Ultra HD Blu-ray discs. Presently, Dolby Vision is only available on certain streaming programs, but it will soon be available on Ultra HD Blu-ray too, and when it is, it will offer yet another hike in picture quality for OLED owners since Dolby’s flavor of HDR can adjust to suit a TV’s contrast capabilities – a fact worth noting here since OLED currently offers better black levels than other displays on the market.

The OLED55B6’s smart features cover the usual combination of streamed multimedia from networked DLNA-capable and Bluetooth devices, plus access to LG’s decently expansive array of online apps and content sources. It also features a Freeview Play which lets users access its on-demand content either via separate channel apps, or via a handy electronic programme guide, where you can scroll backwards and forwards in time.

However, what the B6 model lack is the 3D Display, a built-in premium sound system and a super-fancy “screen on glass” effect that come with some of LG’s higher-end models. Though the B6 lack this three features it comes out as  quite a decent thin TV, 40 watt speakers which come with Harman Kardon tuning and a range of sound modes and a quality picture display and better sound can be had with a third-party sound bar.

LG B6 OLED55B6P (2016) review

LG OLED B6 Picture quality

OLED Television are the best when talking about the picture quality produce, and the B6 is one of  the best OLED TV ever produced by the LG. They improve on the EF9500 from last year with better brightness, wider color gamut and better uniformity in dark areas. They’re not perfect, but most LCD TV in market. According to the argument by LG that producing colour from a display where you have wonderfully deep blacks is better than LCD’s approach where such deep shades can’t be reached. There is a vibrancy and richness to colours and the blacks are unquestionably deep and serious. The colour and contrast that the LG B6  television offers backed this argument up. B6 OLED display goes to work, rich in detail with that dip into darker depths that most LED TVs can’t get close to, which make the every moment watching of  your best higher-quality streaming services like Netflix and Blu-ray worth while.

4K resolution is no longer what TV is all about thanks to  the  HDR swinging in like the bassline of a soundtrack, the added dynamic range is new and exciting, taking your TV’s pictures into realms of realism that detail alone just doesn’t deliver. When you hit an HDR source the TV switches to a defined mode that aims to give you the best delivery, but you can still select modes within that for personal preference – dark, bright and vivid – which sort of runs counter to the idea of viewing what the director intended, as well as make some tweaks to the TV’s settings.

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LG OLED B6 supports the latest standards in 4K and HDR, offers Dolby Vision which is a little more special than its competition and a premium design. if you want an LG’s 2016 OLED picture quality Television and the price of the G6 and E6 will tear apart your pocket the LG OLED B6 is definitely the Television for you. Enjoy Quality at a pocket friendly price.

Where To Buy LG OLED B6 IN Nigeria

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