Video-Door-Phone System for Security In Nigeria



The rate of crime in this modern age has been an eye opener to the need for securing our homes and property, however there i believe this is not the only reason we sucure our house. Houses are also secured against some unwanted visitor which can be annoying, disturbing and frustrating.

One of the newer secure door entry systems being used today is designed specifically to bring security and peace of mind; these are commonly known as video door systems and may be referred to as door phones or door intercoms.

I don’t see the need for a CCTV cameras just to know who is at the door when you could use a Video Door Phone System.

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Video-Door-Phone System

Video Door Phone is an intercom system that uses a door camera typically installed into a doorbell, so as to enables the operator to see a visual verification of who is at their door.

These video intercom systems use two parts, a transmitter, and a receiver. The transmitter typically combines a video camera and intercom with a doorbell. The receiver is usually a small screen that displays the output from the camera mounted in the transmitter and includes intercom controls.

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Advantages of Video Door Phone

  • The main advantage of a video door phone system is to enable the members of the household to see who is at the door and their purpose of visit before they answer.
  • A Video Door Phone allows the particular person to view any type of suspicious activity that may be taking place outside the house and view the entire door area before moving out of the home at any time during the day or day.
  • it allows for the owner to view from any location in the house not compulsorily at the door front to check that’s outside or even what is transpiring.
  • Another important advantage of the Video door phone is the ability to record video, which can be very useful to know who might have checked on you when not around.Related image

A secured house start with a secured door, not all visitors are there to greet or wish you well. choose your visitors today before they choose you.


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