Samsung PNO-6010R

Samsung/Hanwha PNO-9080R 12MP 4K Outdoor IR Bullet Camera

The rate of crimes in  the world expecially in  the less developing country has because a matter of great concern to the government, parents,business...
infinix-hot-5-lite on

Infinix Hot 5 Lite Review, specification, price and availabilty in Nigeria.

Infinix grand entry into the Nigeria mobile market since 2014 has been so rewarding with the launching of mobile phones featuring great specification. The Infinix Mobility is popular...
burglary alarm system on

“Burglary Alarm System” A means to Advance Security

Nowadays, house alarms or home security systems are preferably needed to ensure the house security from burglars and criminals. Installing a home security system...
Metal detector on

“Metal Detector” End to Insecurity

Fear is the fastest killer ever, and the cure is assurance of safety. In this modern age, many security Devices are used to ensure safety in...
access security control system on kara

Access Security Control system in Nigeria

Thanks to the advancement in technology, securing of lives and property are made easier, a lot of devices have been developed purposely for the...

Video-Door-Phone System for Security In Nigeria

  The rate of crime in this modern age has been an eye opener to the need for securing our homes and property, however there...
electric rim lock on

Best Electric Rim Lock In Nigeria

Make the doors in your home safer and more secure by using an Electric Rim Lock. Many homes and business organization find it important to...
smoke alarm

“Smoke Alarm Detector” A Protective Measure to Fire

The need to protect our lives and property against any damage or danger cannot be but emphasized. According to research, over 2000 people lose their...
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