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The Best Washing Machine You Can Get

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How does a washing machine works?

The basic idea of a Washing Machine is simple: it sloshes your clothes about in soap suds for a while and then spins fast to remove the water afterwards. But there’s a bit more to it than that. Think of a clothes washer and you probably think of a big drum that fills with water but there are actually two drums, one inside the other.

The inner drum is the one you can see when you open the door or the lid. In a front-loading clothes washer, common in Europe, the drum faces forward. You push your clothes inside the door from the front and the whole drum rotates about a horizontal axis (like a car wheel). The drum has lots of small holes to let water in and out and paddles around the edge to slosh the clothes around. In a Toploader, more common in the United States and Asia, you open a lid on top and drop your clothes into the drum from above. The drum is mounted about a vertical axis but doesn’t actually move. Instead, there’s a paddle in the middle of it called an agitator that turns the clothes around in the water.

Top 8 Reasons Why You Should Buy a Front Loading Washing Machine?

Best ffront loading washing machine in nigeria

With these eight reasons to switch to a front load washing machine, you’ll be well informed about why these devices are so essential and able to make a better choice about your laundry routine. While there might still be a personal preference for selecting a top load washer instead, we’re setting out to outline exactly why front load washers are by far the more efficient choice for most homes.

  1. Front load washers are very attractive, with glass doors and chrome accents.
  2. They generally have larger capacities, allowing you to wash comforters and other bulky items.
  3. These washing machine don’t have agitators or impellers in the tub, giving you more room and a more gentle washing action.
  4. They can be installed with the dryer stacked on top of the washer, saving space in the home.
  5. Front loader washing machine use much less water than top load machines, and the vast majority are Energy Star rated.
  6. They have excellent washing performance and fabric care.
  7. Front loader are usually quieter than top load washers with agitators.
  8. Many of them are ADA compliant, so they are accessible for people with physical disabilities.

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5 Reasons to buy Top Load Washing Machines

best top load washing maching in nigeria
  1. Top-load washing machines are generally less expensive than front-load washers
  2. top-load washing machines have been around for so long, their mechanisms are tried and true. So, they tend to be more reliable.
  3. Front-loading washers work in a way that doesn’t require a special detergent.
  4. Because top-load washers have been around for so long, you have a lot more to choose from when shopping for a new model.
  5. The top load washing machines use common parts and mechanisms. This is good news because it is easier to be repaired.

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Choosing the Right Size of Washing Machine for Your Home

Do you have a big family? The size of your household and projected laundry loads play a big part in your washing machine requirement. You can get a variety of washing machine sizes:

  • A washing machine with a capacity of 6-7 kg should be ideal for a family of four,
  • In case of fewer people in your house, opt for a smaller machine,
  • And if you’re a bigger family, then choose a larger washing machine.

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