Nokia Lumia 2020 Nokia illusionist is coming



Nokia lumia 2020








Nokia is working so hard to ensure that the Nokia Lumia 2020 nicknamed Illusionist will make more impact in the market. Nokia is said to have took a bold step in attempting to lunch another tablet that will be an average tablet for those who are unable to afford Nokia Lumia 2520.


Rumour has it that the new Nokia Lumia 2020 will be an 8” tablet and will be out in the early 2014. The Nokia Lumia 2020 which is expected to come along with Window 8.1 Rt like it predecessor Nokia Lumia 2520 will be a little bit cheaper than its predecessor. It has also be leaked that Nokia Lumia 2020 will be running on Snapdragon 800 chip.


Nokia Lumia 2020 which is expected to be the second nokia tablet that will be running on Window 8.1 RT is also expected to be fast with it 2GB RAM. More details about this 8inches tablet from Nokia are been watched out for and as we get more information, we will surely update you about what the Nokia Lumia 2020 will actually look like.


Some features of Nokia Lumia 2020

From the rumour that reaches us about Nokia Lumia 2020 aka the illusionist, we observe that it will have the following features.

Os                    Window 8.1 RT

RAM                2GB

Screen size       8”

Chipset                 Snapdragon 800

Price                Affordable