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Nokia Asha 501 get fastlane experience and preinstalled WhatsApp


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Nokia is improving their device on a daily basis to give their customers more fun and make them enjoy their device better. Nokia has just announced that update is now available for Nokia Asha 501 for a better fastlane experience. The purpose of this is to provide a better opportunity for Nokia customers especially those using the Asha 501 a better interface to share with their family and love ones.


Nokia has deem it fit to improve on what their customer has with them and produce a former phone with a new content. Hence Nokia is set to produce more Asha 501 or those in that range such as Asha 502, 500 and 503 with a better fastlane experience that will give an improved interaction and faster way of getting to your destination using the phone.

Nokia Asha 501 get a better Fastlane experience

The new fastlane experience that is now available for those using Nokia Asha 501, Nokia Asha 502, Nokia Asha 503 and Nokia Asha 500 is a better way to link up with friends and loved ones. The new fastlane experience is available via a software upgrade from your phone.

The new fastlane experience platform on Nokia Asha 501 will provide additional features with the camera with a singly swipe camera and just with a mono touch you are connected to your facebook and you have shared your message or image. The New fastlane experience also provide you the ability to track your facebook likes and comment directly from your fastlane screen.

Furthermore, the fastlane experience comes with a new interactive alarm, with it your privacy is more secured, the ability to show full notifications or just notification icons on the Lock screen and also allows you to curtail what other will see on your phone. The Microsoft Exchange ActiveSync service on the new fastlane experience gives you the ability to keep on top of work emails, adding  to the business skills of the Asha 501 and it colleagues.

Nokia Asha 501 get WhatsApp

Whatsapp has made it to be the largest phone messenger of our time, with about 300M user around the globe and millions of people are using it in Nigeria as their most active messenger. Nokia Asha 501 is said to get Whatsapp preinstalled starting from December 5, 2013, however from 21st of Noverber 2013, all Nokia Asha 501, 500, 502 and 503 can now download Whatsapp.

The presence of a preinstalled Whatsapp application on Nokia Asha 501 will make it fit it better and more communication easier for those using Nokia Asha 501 and those who intend getting this lovely phone.

Nokia Asha 501 price and availability

 Nokia Asha 501 is available in most Nigeria phone store and you can get  it at www.kara.com.ng


The price is just about 14,490 at http://www.kara.com.ng/nokia-asha-501/


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