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Things you should never do while charging your Smartphone

Things you should never do when charging your smartphone

Smartphone is very essential in today’s world. Who doesn’t want a long-lasting battery that will serve for a very long time? It is a common thing we don’t heed when it comes to our gadgets. We get glued to it to the extent that we might not even care if the battery is dying or crying for help. Normally, every battery has its own expiry date. If a battery is overused it might be a problem and also if a battery is not used at all, might also be a problem too.

Things you should never do when charging your smartphone

Below are things to be on your checklist when charging your smartphone. This will increase the longevity and durability of our battery. Charging habits plays the most important role in these few tips.

Tips to have a long-lasting smartphone battery.

Have your charger with you always

Always charge your phone with its own charger. If you always have it in mind to always lend then put an end to charger lending except if it is the same phone charger. You might cause a lot of harm to your phone. If the charger you lend from another person does not suit the capacity of your phone’s charger, then your phone battery might be in grave danger. This might affect the battery performance and overall life span of your battery. If there is a need to borrow, always lend a charger that has the same capacity as your phone; that is the output voltage (V) and current (Ampere) should match your charger’s and be approved by the phone’s manufacturer.

Avoid cheap chargers

Avoid getting cheap or chargers from unknown manufacturers. Most cheap chargers do not include any safety precautions or cautions to protect your smartphone’s battery from getting faulty or getting damaged. Better still, if you haven’t heard of the charger’s manufacturers but someone can vouch for it and can give you proof that it is reliable it has a lot of good reviews online then it might not be a red flag. You could get a quality charger here

Remove phone cases and phone covers while charging

When your phone is plugged in, you will always notice that it is always omitting heat. Using your phone covers and cases can reduce the rate at which the heat is dissipating from your phone. In other words, it is important to always remove that phone cover of yours no matter how pretty it is.

Stop leaving your phone to charge overnight

A regular smartphone battery only needs 2 to 3 hours to charge full but you will probably sleep through 8 hours or even more. This will shorten your battery life span. Charging your phone overnight constantly stresses your phone battery out. In addition to that, your phone temperature also rises if it is being overcharged.

Avoid using your phone when it is plugged into a power source or power bank

Power bank and mobile phone on gray desk

A charging smartphone generates a lot of heat and radiation at that moment. It is very advisable to be watchful of your phone while charging it. It is very tempting to press a phone especially when you are doing nothing at the moment, chatting with a cool friend or watching an interesting movie at that point. You just have to find a way to quench the urge of pressing that phone while it is charging.

Always buy power banks that are quality and good

A good power bank should be able to protect against voltage surge, short circuits, over-current and overcharging. This will allow the battery pack to lasts longer and it will also protect your phone’s battery from overcharging and heating.

Avoid constant charging of your smartphone

Always avoid overcharging. Electricity is something that Nigeria lacks a lot this is why, a lot of time, immediately we hear the sound of the light alarm, we run and get our phones charged no matter the percentage of the phone. At least, allow your battery to get to 20% before you plug it. Also, try charging your smartphone’s battery up to at least 80% before unplugging it.

Avoid using third party apps for charging options for your smartphone

Third-party apps for charging force stop running apps which can affect the battery health of your phone. Some even give wrong information about your phone’s battery without you even realizing it. Most of them mostly even run in the background which affects a lot.

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