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Motorola RAZR is returning as a folding smartphone


The advance rate in technology has brought about many mobile companies advancement towards the era of Foldable smartphone which will follow the trend of foldable technologies. Every year mobile companies release a new device with different specifications to continue their company mobile trend.

Since late 2018 different smartphone companies have been planning the launch of foldable devices best suited to their company brand, and all this and more is expected at the Mobile World Congress scheduled for February this year.  Some Company shows a teaser of what to expect, and the same goes for Lenovo Tech, with the plan to release a new Motorola Razr phone as their first Foldable device.

The Motorola’s fabled Razr was first launched in 2004 as a flip-phone, and now fast forward to 2019 a major and rapid upgrade compare to the regular flippy phone.

According to report from The Wall Street Journal, Lenovo, is partnering with network provider Verizon to launch these device. As per the journal only 200,000 units of the new Razr will be made, and it’ll cost around $1,500 which is around ₦550,000 when it arrives in February.

Leaked spec not the yet to be officially announced spec stated that it’s likely that the display technology used in the 2019 Razr will be some kind of OLED display, as OLEDs are the only displays that can bend and flex without breaking.

Thanks to the patent images submitted by the company, shows what a revised Moto Razr might actually look like. On the outward the patent suggested Motorola Razr foldable will be extremely reminiscent of the original Moto Razr, from the curved notch at the top of the screen, to the large protruding chin at the bottom.

Likewise, the keyboard has been replaced by an extended, presumably folding screen, but the back of the device is extremely similar to the original, including a smaller screen and a camera lens. The one new addition on the back seems to be a fingerprint scanner placed on the bottom hinge.

This will be the first time we’ve heard from the Razr brand in years, and we’re looking forward to seeing more. Based on the patent this are the little detail we gathered about the expected Motorola foldable, however, all this should be sorted out soon, as we expect the unveiling of the device.


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