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Sharp Air Conditioner and how they will keep you cool this summer

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Sharp Air conditioner is one of the basic appliance needed for this summer. Air conditioners (AC) have become fundamental necessities for us as they are primary components of the central heating system and the cooling system in offices, homes, businesses, and other buildings. Air conditioners come in many different shapes and sizes, but they operate on the same principle.

Sharp is the only Air conditioner company that uses plasmacluster ions. Plasmacluster ions are the same type of positive and negative ions that occur in nature. After purifying the air, the ions turn to water and return to the air. This sounds totally strange and unknown Now the question is, “ is plasmacluster good?”. According to sharp, Plasmacluster Technology emits more positive and negative ions in a room than even those found in a forest. It is proven to be safe and highly effective, no matter how high the ions’ density is.

What are the Benefits of owning Sharp AC

Sharp Air Conditioner creates the most comfortable living space:

To heat and cool air evenly, SHARP air conditioners take advantage of a tendency in nature that has been termed the “Coanda effect”. This effect refers to the observed tendency of a jet of gas or liquid to be attracted to nearby surfaces. SHARP air conditioners utilize this tendency by aiming the air¬ow at room surfaces, such as walls or ceilings, to more precisely control and direct the ¬flow of air.

It is featured with multispaced controls which aids in its quick conditioning:

The Multi Space function works at the press of a button to keep several rooms comfortable at the same time. With an indoor unit installed in a living room, in a stairwell, or in another suitable location, this function can quickly heat or cool adjacent rooms to a set temperature. The fan speed and the louver angle are then automatically controlled so that warm or cool air circulates gently and uniformly to every corner.

Sharp Air conditioners are modeled after nature:

Sounds funny, but true. Usually, aircraft wing designs are used for airflow control and improved its products based on aerodynamics. However, while aerodynamics is effective for moving large objects, it was discovered that the wings of birds and insects are more effective examples for objects with the size of our products. This forms the basis of Nature Wing.

Great Airflow system:

By applying fluid mechanics, the long diffuser panel and air guide on SHARP air conditioners allow air to travel up to 49 ft (15m). During heating, they direct warm air downward, effectively sending it to the floor. During cooling, they direct cool air upward and spreads it throughout the room. And since air doesn’t blow directly on the room’s occupants, comfortable heating and cooling are ensured.

It has an air cleaning function:

You don’t need to worry about cleaning your Air conditioner when plasmacluster has got you covered. Plasmacluster Ions minimize the growth of mold inside the air conditioner. While air blow and dry operations are performed for about 40 minutes, Plasmacluster Ions are blown through the interior of indoor equipment. This prevents odor-causing mold from growing on the surface of the heat exchanger.

Featured with Optimal draining holes:

SHARP outdoor units incorporate numerous large drain holes in the base pan to improve drainage. Caps to cover these holes are also included with the product to facilitate use of the units in warm climates where water is drained out via a drain hose.

Types of sharp Air conditioner

Sharp splits air conditioner:

A split unit air conditioner is the common air conditioner type in our home. It consists of two separate units: the air or water-cooled condensing unit and the air handling unit.

Sharp Cassette Air conditioner:

Cassette units work the same way as wall-hung split system units. Cassette differs from split as it is installed into the ceiling instead of on the wall.

Sharp portable Air conditioner:

As its name says, a portable air conditioner works the same way a wall-mounted one does, just that it is portable and more affordable.

Why you should choose Sharp Air conditioner in Nigeria

One of the unique features of SHARP’s Plasmacluster air conditioners is the production of positive and negative ions similar to those occurring in nature. These ions help combat many airborne viruses, mold, and other contaminants.
In addition, these air conditioners have a self-cleaning option which makes sure that your air conditioners are never dirty.

How Sharp air conditioner will keep you cool this summer

In short, the refrigerant carries out the main working principle of the air conditioners.
First, the refrigerant absorbs the heat from the surroundings and increases its temperature. It then rises from the compressor to the condenser in the form of high-pressure and high-temperature gas.
The cold air produced is circulated outwards through a fan, which helps it distribute all over the desired places. In this way, the desired ambient temperature is achieved.

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