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Rechargeable Fans in Nigeria price feature and specifications









Nigeria is mostly known for its inconsistent power supply. It is however discovered that Nigeria weather at this time is hot which place most people at the hand of fueling and refueling their generator just to get enough breeze throughout the night. Rechargeable fan is now available to solve this enormous challenge  of both waking up at night because of heat or adding to global warming.


Rechargeable fan is the best way to solve the various challenges of heat and inconsistent power supply in this country. All you need to do is just get a rechargeable fan, go to be and you will be cool all through the night.




Rocco rechargeable Fans


There are several rechargeable fans in the market, however Rocco is one of the best you can ever come across. Rocco recheageable fan is highly flexible to use, it allows you to raise up and down for directing your air to the right place, it also move right and left to circulate you room.


Rocco rechargeable fans are made with remote for easy control from any corner of your house. If you are not still satisfied with all this, Rocco gives you light with its 4 pieces of bright led night light. Rocco has the ability to stop overcharge or discharge using its inbuilt protection mechanism.


Rocco rechargeable fan is all you need to step up and solve the problem of heat finally. Rocco rechargeable fan can last for as long as 9 hours when it is fully charged.




Specifications of Rocco Rechargeable Fans


  • 12V 7Ah Lead-acid Battery
  • 16″ 2-Speed standing Fan
  • 4 pcs bright led night light
  • Left right moveable
  • AC/DC Function
  • Very Smooth oscillation
  • Overcharge and overdischarge protection function
  • 7 hrs/high speed 9 hrs/Low Speed
  • 180 hours/4 LED
  • Remote (this is not available to all)




Rocco Rechargeable Fans price and availability in Nigeria


Rocco rechargeable fans are available in most online and offline stores in Nigeria. You can get it today at www.kara.com.ng today at the price range starts from 11,900 upward. Rocco rechargeable fan make you stay cool all the time.


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