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Kara begins Awoof Promo in Nigeria



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The year is coming to an end and as several people have been expecting, www.kara.com.ng the online retail platform that does not disappoint its customers has once again step-up in its reward for customers as she begins her “Awoof” promo today.


The “Awoof” promo which is expected to run through December up to early January will feature three categories i.e the daily promo, the special product promo and the special period promo.

Kara Daily Awoof Promo

The daily Awoof promo would be a giant price slash on any particular product for a day with different discounts. Each day will come with a new product which percentage slash will vary. The percentage slash will range from 5% up to 50%, depending on the product chosen as the promo product for that day. The daily Awoof will feature a product that will be available for 24hours and after that, the product will return to its normal price.

Further, the daily Awoof might also be a gift on a specific product.

Kara Special Product Awoof

The special product Awoof is expected to be placed for a specific period of time on a certain brand. This promo will be a percentage slash on product from a particular brand and it will last for a specific period.

Kara Special Period Awoof

Kara has identified that certain period in the month, people are always willing to buy more of some specific product, hence Kara has schedule for those period price slash of some goods that will beat the imagination of their customers.

As Kara begin the Awoof promo today, we belief that customer will take advantage of the Awoof and grab various offers presented by Kara. Information and links to the various Awoof will be present on www.kara.com.ngblog.kara.com.ng, kara social network such as facebook and twitter among others. Keep checking on this place everyday to know which product(s) is/are available for Awoof.




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