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Nokia Normandy the meeting point of Asha and Lumia










Nokia is willing to combine the features and specification of Asha and Lumia. The rumour that came to us recently shows that Nokia is suspected to lunch a new phone soon that will serve as a connection between Asha and Lumia, however the phone is suspected to be called Nokia Normandy.
Nokia Normandy leaked recently through evleaks when they got a picture of a phone that look like both the Nokia series of handset; the Asha and Lumia. Nokia Normandy is suspected not to be a window phone and when it is out, we hope that it will be a high specification of Asha Phones.


Nokia Normady when looked from the picture, there is no doubt that it will break the record of being the first smartphone that will bring Nokia Asha and Lumia features together in one. So Nokia Normandy will be a two in one featured smartphone.
Our leg are crossed to see what Nokia Normandy will look like, we also have the feeling that Nokia will want to lunch this phone in early 2012, possible at the electronic consumers trade fair. Till then, let us keep on dreaming about Nokia Normandy.
When Nokia Normandy was spotted, we also has alongside an unnamed Nokia Asha phone with an uncanny design. However, there is no information about the specification of this unnamed Asha phone but we hope that it will be a lovely phone to hold and to have. It is strange that a touchscreen phone of such a shape will first appear from Nokia. It is a little fella screen an it is probably will be an high grade Asha phone.
As we await the next step in the series of Asha and Lumia phone, we all keep our leg cross and see what new upgrade this new phone will bring to the lovely customers of the Nokia Family.


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