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Iphone 5C and its colors in Nigerian Market


Apple has done it again. Yes, they had broken various records on the Apple Android in the past, now it’s time to break more. Apple, after it’s wonderful record set by Iphone 5, which does not only come with a 4inches screen, but prove to be faster than it contemporaries. Iphone 5c has come to display the skills and techniques that Apple use in satisfying their customers and surpassing their competitors in a more better way.

iphone 5c vs iphone 5


Iphone 5c is a phone for the colour minded customers. Apple made this phone to suite the favourite colours that can be admired by their customers. Iphone 5c unlike it predicessors comes in five different beautiful and fascinating colours. Iphone 5c is just more than painting the body, it goes inside the phone and display alongside the wonderful cover, your favorite colour. Apple simply understands that colour is the unspoken expression.

In order to arrive at this multiple colourful Iphone, Apple went ahead to redesign the use of polycarbonate, it simply create beauty from this wonderful substance. Apple simply went outside the box just to satisfy their customers. It’s really the 5 (colour) phone as it as White, Blue, Green, Yellow and Pink as its unbeatable colours.


Apple understands that a phone with a high tech substance should not be lacking in Os. The Os 7 is just the actual environment for this kind of beautiful and eye friendly equipment. Going beyond the lapses of Iphone 5, Iphone 5c choose to present to its audience the latest Os. However, it fails to change its well performing A6 Chip and M7 processor.

The combination of these speed generated design and a wonderfully set up operating environment with a fascinating beautiful body is exactly what gave Iphone 5c its uniqueness in the market. The Os 7 also make it easy for some additional wonderful program that will stick the eyeball of the customers to the phone. You need to also know that Iphone 5c simply made jack up the battery level from 1440 mAh  to 1510 mAh, just to make you have a longer enjoyment of your phone.


If you are familiar with the amazing design of Iphone 5, you won’t be so surprise when unboxing your Iphone 5c. It maintains the 4” screen size, however there is a little change in the weight and size. Not only that the dimension changes from 123.8 x 58.6 x 7.6 mm to 124.4 x 59.2 x 9 mm, did I hear you say what a slight change, it also affect the weight from 112g to 132g.

You need also to be aware that this changes failed to affect the display size, hence you are still left with your loving 4” display. Apple is quite informed that with such a beautiful looking phone with a wonderful internal structure, there is a need to have a nice finishing. Apple just completed the whole work by making a case that will not only protect your phone but also add to its already amazing beauty. Apple thinks everything prior, they give you exactly what you need.

Many have complained that the new Iphone 5c is a little bit expensive and it took less than a step from its predecessor, Iphone 5. Generally, its all about what you think about your Iphone but to me I say the little technology improvement to polycarbonate change the entire story of our colour option and it worth making a release for.

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