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Many have wondered what could be the difference between Iphone iphone 5 and iphone 5s and Iphone 5S. Some thought, why the adding of “s” to an existing phone. If you care to know, Iphone 5s is an attempt to give Apple customers additional touch to what they get in the Iphone 5.


The newly designed 64bit Iphone 5s comes with several features that secure your phone better. With the Touch Id, the Iphone 5s comes with fingerprint that allows you to touch the home key and your phone open, unlike the uninteresting entering of password every time you wish to open your phone.

The Touch Id also makes it possible for you to add your trusted friends fingerprint, hence it give access to whom you which to give your phone to. This is quit fascinating and came along with Iphone 5s unlike Iphone 5.

In an attempt to make your phone faster and better, Iphone 5s is equipped with a newly lunched system. It came with M7 processor which is embedded in the A7 chip. This processor makes all your work faster without running down your battery as fast. You may also wish to check out for the Os 7 which will be appropriate to say is built for the A7 chip, whereas the Iphone 5 only come with A6 chip and IOs 6.

The above are not the only record that was broken by the Iphone 5s, it also broke the record of being the first Iphone with 64bits. It’s highly stocked than you can imagine!


The world is advancing, and there is a need to capture almost all events that happen for historical and fun filled life. Although most high grade Iphone including Iphone 5 has an Isight camera, but Iphone 5s come with additional features with the Isight camera.

There exist a larger sensor for the new Iphone 5, It has a 1.3″ sensor which make your picture brighter, you can also get as much as 10 picture in a minute. Wow! This means that all actions can be captured. The double led gave it the true tone flash and your image look exactly like the original, there is nothing like it.

Iphone 5s also come with wonderful packages that assist in stabilizing your image when capturing. Amazing! You can also have your videos in slow motion. You don’t need additional device before you can zoom your video. Indeed, with Iphone 5s everyone has just become a professional in the camera world. Further, the picture you get from this enhance camera is wonderful. You need also to know that the Iphone 5s is equipped with the face detection that comes with Iphone 5.


When you see the massive change in the content of Iphone 5s compare to Iphone 5, you will be forced to think that Iphone 5s will be heavier, bigger and fatter than its predecessor. Iphone 5s is just as slim and as compact as Iphone 5.

The case is just fit for the phone and it goes along with the beautiful and wonderful Os that the phone came with. The fingerprint is fitted into the home key, this made it strategically placed.

What again! The Dual led sensor is just fitting for the 64 bit and A7 chipest without leaving the Os 7 behind. The iOs 7 is the latest and the most advanced Os in the mobile world, and Apple Iphone 5s broke the record of bringing it down to phone users. This solves the complains about the odd os carried by Iphone 5. Everything is just place for the advancement that Apple is usually known for in their product. It surpasses it contemporary in beauty.


Apple is also aware that his customers indeed care about the colours their phones appear in. The have choose to add additional colour to what Iphone 5 have, now you can have your phone in Spare Gray, Gold and Silver. Having recognized that the increase in their screen to 4’ in Iphone 5 was appreciated by their customers, they decided to retain the screen size for Iphone 5s.

However, Iphone 5s fail to have everything in the market, the price of this Iphone also surpasses it contemporary. Apple however seems not to care about the competitors in the market, they tend to manufacture phones that drop the jaws of their customers without thinking about the price. Yet, they are still noticeable in the market. Another take out from the Iphone 5s is in the area of screen technology, with such amount of money, it is a disappointment that there is no screen technology change, however, we can see change in the camera standard.

Finally, if you are new in the Android show, you will find Iphone 5 interesting but Iphone 5s is simply fascinating.



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