The price of inverter batteries has tripled in the last six years. Make sure you only buy from a genuine source. The cost and popularity of inverter batteries continue to increase, giving fraudsters the opportunity to sell fakes at low prices. 

A fake panel would contain counterfeit or poorly-made labels or spec sheets, which would contain counterfeit names, false compliance to testing standards, incorrect panel ratings, and other misleading information.In this article, you will know how to spot fake inverter batteries in Nigeria and avoid becoming a victim.

Incorrect battery capacity

The most common tricks used by fake inverter battery sellers is to label batteries with the incorrect capacity.  For example an inverter battery with a label and packing says 220ah when in reality the capacity of the battery is 150ah. 

Whenever you buy a new inverter battery anywhere, the first thing you should do, when you fully charged it is testing the battery’s capacity. If the battery lasts for the number of hours with the recommended load?   

An inverter Battery Backup Calculator was designed to help you determine how long your inverter battery or bank of batteries is supposed to last on a full charge with the recommended load.  

For example, if you have a 1.8KVA Inverter 24v, 2x  200ah 12v Deep Cycle batteries (connected in series for 24v 200ah) and you wish to power a load of 250 watts, you can enter the following values into the calculator to determine how many hours back-ups you should be getting while using it. When you buy your batteries and run your test, and you only get 8 hours of backup, you should immediately return the batteries to the point of sale for a replacement or refund.

Unrealistic Price Of Inverter Battery

It is very important to have a very good understanding of the inverter battery prices in order to reduce the chances of being scammed in Nigeria.   Price is one of the easiest ways to spot a fake inverter battery.   It’s probably a fake if the price is too good to be true as in many areas of life.

If someone offers you a brand new 220ah inverter battery at a price that is a lot cheaper than the current market value. You should ask yourself why? There are many reasons but the most important is the price is hiding something. What you might ask?  The answer normally shows itself when you try to use the battery.

Cheap Packaging Of Inverter Battery

A good inverter battery brand takes care when it comes to packaging and spends a lot of money on presentation. Be wary of batteries that are poorly packaged, can’t fit into the box, or use cheap materials like sagging brown cardboard. In the same way, if you get a product with no packaging at all, it’s normally fake or second-hand.

No Warranty

You should never buy a new inverter battery from anyone who does not provide a warranty.  Not providing a warranty means that the seller is not confident in the product.  You will have no recourse if you have any problems with your battery without a warranty.

Mercury Inverter batteries are made in India and are of the highest quality. Mercury’s products are rigorously designed, tested, and manufactured to meet its high quality and performance standards. All Mercury batteries come with a certification of the industry’s safety standards.

To fully enjoy the benefits of inverter batteries: Make sure you only buy from a genuine source: https://kara.com.ng/electrical-appliances-power-supplies-price/inverters/inverter-battery

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