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Google Pixel 2 Proposed Release Date, Dual Camera and Everything You Should Know.



Google pixel 2

Google Pixel 2 the next flagship of the Search Engine Giant “Google” is likely to arrive in late 2017 leaving us wondering what to expect from it.

Since the original Pixel was the talk of the time and generally accepted because of the premium features and the price which is much of a cake for a flagship phone. So we expect something out of the ordinary for the next flagship Google Pixel 2, though there are only a few leaks as regard the specification of the phone which includes the code name Google Pixel 2 (walleye) and Pixel 2 XL (muskie).

In accordance to Rick Osterloh, Head of Google’s hardware division, saying the Pixel series wasn’t just an experiment; he says “There is an annual rhythm in the industry. So, you can count on us to follow it. You can count on a successor this year, even if you don’t hear a date from me now.” So we hold on to this and the fact that Google never disappoints.  But some things are sure about this device, it’ll have a better camera, a price bump and possibly a lower-priced version too.

What To Know About Google Pixel 2

Basically,  regarding the Pixel but according to the leaks we believe Google is working on the design of the pixel 2 because as we all know design is not one Google could flaunt about but the outshine Samsung and other great designed smartphone there definitely have to do a rebrand of their design.

At the Android Open Source Project Google hinted that the Google Pixel 2 will run on the latest Snapdragon 835 chip from Qualcomm.

As far as the Android 0S is concerned we already know this will not be a step back however if Google Pixel 2 is to be seen as the mobile of the year it has to pick up the and bring out something more than expected maybe Android 8.0 race because Samsung and Apple are definitely not standing down.

Last month rumor comes out saying “According to the report by South Korea media, Google has offered to pay LG Display 1 trillion won for factory lines that will make flexible OLED panels for its next Pixel phone” through this report i think Google is really putting in more effort to make sure the Pixel 2 climb the ladder of greatness and determination to rank first in the mobile market in the world.

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According to the rumor, the Google Pixel 2 could come with a camera both on the back and front. With the last year’s Pixel launched with electric image stabilization (EIS), the Pixel 2 is widely expected to offer optical image stabilization, and looking at the trending camera specification of top phones Google won’t want to be behind, Pixel already has one of the best cameras in an Android phone, but that’s not stopping Google from making it even better so we expect the best of the best camera for Google pixel 2.

It is rumored that the Search Engine Giant will push for Daydream VR a high-resolution panel, though no one has successfully used it but I believe Google can do it.

Some latest feature of a smartphone cannot but be embedded in the upcoming Pixel, this includes the water and dust resistance. Though the last Google flagship device comes with water and dust resistance but we were actually expecting more at least up to like IP57, so in this year flagship we expect Google to come with an upgraded version of it.

This 5.7 inches phone is also rumored to feature a 6 GB RAM which is good enough for now and 128GB internal memory which is expandable up to 256GB. There is a certainty that it’s coming with Google search assistance

The battery i say is the lifeline of every device, the Google Pixel 2 is said to come with a long lasting battery that will be enough to power the phone for more than 20 hours without looking for the nearest socket to plug your phone, and a Quick Charge 4.0 to bring it back to life when it is down.

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