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Samsung vs Infinix Phones in Nigeria, who is winning?



This new era of technology has introduced so many devices to human, everybody wants to have a smartphone at this smart age but our pocket will always dictate the level at which we can go in the selection of choices from the wide range of phones. Yes, we have different features we desire in our choices of phone but can our money get it for us?

Let Compare this Two strong smartphone brand “ Infinix VS Samsung ”in Nigeria mobile market.

Infinix Mobile

The Infinix mobility is popular known for their Smartphone model that offers cool devices at affordable prices in Nigeria. Since 2014 when the first Infinix Smartphone was launched, Infinix phones have progressively offered awesome specs and more stylish designs. Even though the Infinix phones come with great and alluring features their selling price makes the brand device even more appealing to people.

This Hong Kong-based smartphone manufacturing company has produced a wide range of smartphone which has put every smartphone manufacturing company to their feet.

Infinix Design

Infinix phones are proudly known for their sleek design, slim body and weight as light as the air which gives the smartphone a ravishing look, this unique French design makes it catching to the eyes and loving to the heart.

Infinix Camera

Basically, everyone wants a phone that can take clear pictures, with the rate at which pictures are been displayed on social media platform no one want to be left out, everybody wants to create memories, take wonderful videos, take the best shot and more. from time to time they upgrade the camera to go with the trending camera, if you are thinking of getting infinix camera phone why not try their latest product Infinix S Pro which featured double front camera giving every selfie lover a new phone to look up to.

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Infinix Battery

This is one of the selling point of infinix phones in Nigeria, the infinix device comes with a battery that can last atleast for 15 hours without surveying for the nearest transformer to tap electricity from or turning charger to a walkie-talkie.

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 Samsung Mobile

Samsung is the best android producing company in the mobile market, they are referred to as the Android Kings because of the remarkable, heart capturing and beguile specifications.

This Suwon, South Korea-based multinational company released its first Android smartphone in 2009, after which various range of smartphones have been launched bothe mid-ranged and pricey devices.

Samsung recently developed smartphones running their own OS Tizen OS, as an alternative for Google Android OS.

This company has produced a wide range of devices putting smiles in the face of many smartphone lovers.

Samsung Design

The smooth and clean feeling of Samsung mobile phone is quite un-doubtable unbeatable with the feeling of making each grab of the phone a sensational feel with the sense of richness and power of holding not only best but class. The Samsung mobile phone is one mobile phone that can be more than a mobile to someone but as a companion and a friend. Samsung really got the design to make you happy with your mobile phone.




Samsung Camera

Thinking of getting a moving object with ease to a picture, look no other than using the new fast capturing and high definition model of camera lenses that Samsung mobile phone provides. Samsung’s cameras are rated one of the best mobile phone cameras with high megapixel creating clarity and sharpness with HD picture output. I for one cannot think of perfect mobile phone camera lens without bringing Samsung mobile phones at the top of the list, starting from the list of Samsung phone to the new and upgraded Samsung mobile phones. Samsung mobile phone camera lens is quite unbeatable.


Samsung Battery

Am sure that the first person that thought of power bang did use a Samsung mobile phone and when through the frustration of running into constant low battery issue and decided to introduce the use of power bank. Despite how powerful, strong and good looking Samsung mobile phones are, I guess one thing that Samsung needs to work on and upgrade is the battery life of Samsung mobile phones. I am quite sure the new and coming Samsung mobile phones will come with a very great and lasting battery life.

Samsung Versus Infinix Mobile Phones in Nigeria

Yeah, this is the part every Nigerian wants to know of and get informed about before going into the market and getting a phone that will make every moment spent with a great time and not a headache cos our mobile phones are much like a companionship, spouses or more like children, depending on the relationship we have with our mobile phones.

Let’s start with the most important features of a mobile phone that makes one happy.

  1. Battery life

With the rate of telecommunications making data as cheap and affordable for every mobile phone users especially smartphones which makes social media like Instagram, facebook, and most easily accessible social platform What’s app an addiction or more like a competition for who is regularly online or most online user. Making cinemas mobile is a great deal with most smartphone users nowadays with the most recent both series and normal movies been update every hour of the day. Everyone wants to have the sensation of enjoying a good movie or want to update with the latest release of an episode of a favorite series, considering this I sure bet a very strong and reliable smartphone battery life will do a good judgment to this.

Using a phone with a much extended battery life and fast to charge battery duration Infinix mobile phone beats Samsung mobile to it hands down. Infinix has the advantage over Samsung with the fast to charge and long lasting battery life all most every Nigerian wants or rather go for the Infinix mobile phones. Using infinix mobile phones saves most smartphone users the stress of carrying either small or big power banks all about like a soul saver and not to worry of constant charging or running to charge when the opportunity of getting close to a power source.


  1. The design

I love my phone to be more of a pocket fitted and easy to remove for emergency or call answering moments. With a trust of me not dropping it or finding it difficult to access either sitting or standing, in a molue, danfo or BRT, on an okada, keke maruwa or a bicycle. Considering this fact I will choose Samsung mobile phone to Infinix mobile phone because no matter the size of a Samsung mobile phone you can still move it around both in rush or in a calm moment cos it’s as slim as an eyelid. Samsung has the upper hand in the design of smartphones that allow even one hand typing using the QWRT keyboard. I credit Samsung mobile for such good design framework.

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  1. Camera

Me, I like pictures with quality, pictures that feel good with the enjoyment of giving full details with no stress and straining of the eyes. With the history of mobile smartphones in Nigeria and the quality of mobile phone picture quality, it is said that Samsung still holds the best mobile phone cameras that give the best and enjoyable pictures either taking with extra care or careless focus the picture will still come out an enjoyable one. Samsung still holds this great feature of the mobile phone, Nigerians are still looking forward to seeing the one Smartphone that will defeat Samsung mobile phones on this feature. However, am counting on Infinix to bring us to the realm of “LIVE” pictures with the introduction of the double front camera device Infinix S Pro I believe we are getting there.


  1. Price

Why in the world will I get a phone that when it’s screen or touch pad has a fault or broken I will get it changed for the price I bought the phone, am I buying a screen or am buying a phone. Come on with the rate of the economic situation, fellow Nigerians an average citizen wouldn’t want to fall a victim of such circumstance in a very pocket dry moment where you will have to drop your smartphone and resort to a touch light phone just cos of the amount to/ get it fix. I see a smartphone I like, I order it at ease and I get it with no stress or injuring my wallet or pocket with the feeling that if it eventually got a cracked screen or touchpad I can change it with happiness and no sweat. Yeah, am talking about Infinix smartphones, they come with most of Samsung features and even more with some of them and yet with a very flexible and slick amount to purchase and enjoy for a very durable period. I for one have used and testified to the satisfaction of getting a cheap phone that last long which is an Infinix mobile phone. As most Nigerians want quantity and not quality, Samsung brings quality which is more of been for people with extra cash or easy to get money makers. As for a legitimate pure water seller, believe me, you Infinix are loved with a very big heart and feel. This is one thing that infinix brought to both rich and poor to be able to use a smartphone that gives you important features and durability with less amount of money.


If I ever want to use another smartphone with all the nice and good features with confidence that it will last me for a long period of time, I won’t think of going for names or fancy product but rather pocket-friendly and inviting smartphones like infinix mobile phones. With the look of it, Infinix has dominated the smartphones market in Nigeria as of today. Every Nigerian either wants or is using an Infinix smartphone with the happiness of been among the majority of quality smartphone users. The price of infinix phones is inviting and friendly.

Samsung or Infinix who is winning the Mobile battle in Nigeria?

I will leave the judgment or conclusion to every viewer/reader to make but both devices are good enough for their users.

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Where To Buy  Infinix and Samsung Phones in Nigeria

Looking for where to buy Infinix and Samsung Phones in  Nigeria ?. It is very simple and stress-free, to avoid buying a fake or the refurbished product the best option and the smartest move is to order from an online shopping store. The best online shopping website to buy your Infinix or Samsung phone is Kara.com.ng. where you can order your preferred series at the best selling price in Nigeria and also enjoy fast delivery to any location in Nigeria.



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