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Why are Plastic ID Card becoming so popular?

plastic id card in nigeria

plastic id cards are becoming so popular now. An identity card is any document that may be used to prove a person’s identity. If issued in a small, standard credit card size form, it is usually called an identity card, or passport card. id cardss comes in different sizes, shapes and most importantly materials. but, the most important of them all is the plastic ID Cards.

What is a plastic ID card?

A plastic ID card is a type of identity card that can come in any size or shape but is always made with a plastic material. It performs numerous functions every day and that’s why choosing the right card for the right application is so important. What you want to use the plastic id card for determines the kind of plastic id card you should get.

Advantage of using a plastic id card

plastic id card in nigeria

If you have been thinking about printing ID badges for your business or organization and you can’t decide whether to print them on cardstock or PVC plastic. There are many reasons to opt for plastic PVC ID cards over paper.

  1. PVC cards are durable and will last much longer than paper.
  2. Cards printed on PVC have a more professional appearance. The smooth surface of PVC cards results in crisp images and text.
  3. PVC cards will not bend and crease like paper.
  4. Cards printed on PVC do not need to re-printed as often due to the long card life. For an even longer card life, or if you are laminating your plastic cards, consider composite PVC PET cards.

What material is used?

plastic id card in nigeria

PVC is the most common material used to make ID cards. PVC is durable, strong, and can remain structurally-intact for a very long time. They offer added durability and warp resistance, and are perfect for lamination applications.

There are also the Rewritable cards feature a rewritable surface on one side. These cards can be erased and re-printed up to 200 times. Rewriteable cards are often used for visitor cards. Adhesive back cards feature a graphics-quality surface that allows you to print cards with high quality text and graphics. These are then often attached to a proximity card.

What are the Different sizes?

  • ID card printers come in all shapes and sizes. Most card printers are made to print on standard CR80 size cards, with a number of them also capable of printing on CR79 and CR100 size cards.
  • CR79 cards measure 3.303″ x 2.051″ and are slightly smaller than a standard CR80 size card. CR79 cards typically have an adhesive back and are commonly used for printing and adhering to a clamshell proximity card. If you’re thinking of printing on CR79 size cards, make sure to check that your ID card printer is capable.
  • CR80 cards are 3.375″ x 2.125″ (the same size as a credit card) and are the standard, most commonly used size of PVC card.
  • CR100 cards are a whopping 3.88″ x 2.63″ – that’s 42% larger than a standard CR80 card, making them easier to see from a distance and too big to hide in a wallet. CR100 size cards are often referred to as “oversize” or “military-size” cards.

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