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The end of window XP operating system


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It is no more a news that the days of window XP are counted in the market. Window XP which has once been the most popular window has been taken over by Window 7 and window 8. Today, majority of systems are operated on either window 7 or window 8, however some users still hang on to window XP.

Today, Microsoft is seizing all official support for window XP. This means that your system will be open to risk and there will be you security for your privacy.

As time pass on, application will no longer support window xp, you will find it difficult to have your favorite application on your system. Furthermore, it is well advisable for most bank in Nigeria to think of upgrading now, if they are still using window xp on their bank network, since there will be lack of security for their financial information.

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Window XP PC: Way out

If you are among those using window XP PC, there are various of opportunity open for you that you can use the PC to do. The first advice I will like to give you is to upgrade you operating system to a later version of window, either window 7 or window 8.

You may also wish to discard the window XP totally and get a new system. This will be better for you. If you think you are fit, you can have a paradigm shift to Linux.

If you are the game lover type, you can turn to PC to a game device. All in all, it is better to change the mode of your personal computer, if you are still concern about the security of your PC and your privacy.

Meanwhile, UK government has paid Microsoft £5.5 million to extend the support for the 12year old window beyond 8 of April, 2014. The company said she is still considering the extension.


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