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Samsung Gear Solo smartwatch news and specification


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Samsung is working on a new smartwatch that will take paradigm shift from what we see in Gear 1 and Gear 2. Samsung new Gear Solo is expected to work independently without depending on any smartphone.

The new Gear solo has revealed by Korea Herald is expected to have the ability to make and receive calls. Gear Solo has the leak revealed has been trademark with Korean IP Office which should be the name for the independent smartwatch. It is on spy  that Samsung and SK Telecom are currently preparing the Gear Solo for release.


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Gear Solo Vs iWatch

While Samsung has rolled out series of Smartwatch device ranging from Gear 1 to Gear 2, rumour still has it that Samsung is preparing another problem solving smartwatch, Gear Solo. Apple on the other hand has also been trying to create an iWatch but no serious information has been gotten about the release date.

Apple will need to improve their iWatch design to fit into the current challenge of Samsung Gear Solo. However, Apple has a brand has been known to produce high quality product, hence whatever the Gear solo look like, when iWatch finally appear it will compete effectively with Samsung Smartwatch.



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