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The complete guide to the best solar generator in Nigeria and how they can benefit your home

Best solar generator in Nigeria

What is a solar generator?

A solar generator is a device usually working alongside solar panels that provides essential automatic backup power to your home when you need it the most, like during power outages. But it can be confusing because there isn’t just one type of generator. A solar generator works when a solar panel converts sunlight into DC electricity that passes through the charge controller.

How does a solar generator work?

A solar generator collects solar energy through solar panels and then stores that energy into its built-in solar battery. An inverter then converts that energy into alternating current (AC power) before it is released for use in home appliances and other electronic devices.

How solar clean energy is disrupting the power industry in Nigeria

solar generator in nigeria

Nigeria is a major exporter of petroleum and has a vast deposit of natural gas, yet it suffers a perennial erratic power supply problem. Indeed, inefficient generation and distribution of power is a dominant factor hindering the ease of doing business in Nigeria. In this regard, Nigerians recognize the importance of a renewable and sustainable source of energy to resolve their power deficit.

“Solar PV could disrupt the fossil fuel industry and help with two of the biggest sustainability challenges of our times: biodiversity loss and food production”, AgricPV said.

One of Nigeria’s deficiencies is the lack of stable electricity in which solar energy has brought that to life. The Power industry should feel threatened by solar clean energy. Solar energy contributes a tiny fraction of power generation in Nigeria, although, the country receives maximum sunlight exposure, the potential for solar PV. Nigeria is in the solar belt, which heightens its solar potential but sadly, the opportunities for harnessing renewable energies remained narrow and unpractical compare to conventional electricity.

Why solar energy will overtake the power industry in no time

Nigeria is situated in Sub-Saharan Africa, a region described by the International Council for Science as having the “world’s best solar resources.” Nigeria has 485.1 million MWh/day of solar energy in natural units and she enjoys an average of 6.2 hours of daily sunshine. Aliyu Musa Kofa in an article states, “if solar collectors or modules were used to cover 1% of Nigeria’s land area of 923,773km2, it is possible to generate 1850x103GWh of solar electricity per year, which is over one hundred times the current grid electricity consumption level in the country.”

This only means one thing, in a few years’ time to come solar clean energy will overshadow the power industry in Nigeria all at once. Solar has a lot of importance compared to the conservative power industry in Nigeria. It will save a lot of costs and will be useful in every ramification. To power technological tools and others.

How solar energy can save you money and protect your environment

One of the most expensive things Nigerians spend money on monthly is electricity. Meanwhile, expenses could be reduced with the help of solar power. Solar power will give you no reason to spend than you already have on the cost you but it, except it is faulty which hardly happens in all situations. The main source of power to solar is sunlight which does not need money to be paid for.

Usage of solar power instead of the generator can also reduce air pollution. pollutants such as sulfur oxides, nitrogen oxides, and particulate matter can be a cause of the fumes from big generators. Solar also reduces water consumption and withdrawal which can be caused by the usage of regular electricity. Speaking of pollution, it also reduces noise pollution that can be caused by generators. Solar power creates no noise.

What is the best solar generator in Nigeria 2021?

Best solar generator in Nigeria

When looking for the best solar generator in Nigeria, always add Qasa solar generator to your list.
The feature of Qasa solar generators include:
Pure sine wave
Inverter+Battery+UPS+AVR…all in one, plug & play
Can carry 200L Deep freezer for 16hrs

Specification OF Qasa SOLAR POWER GENERATOR QPG-1000:

Inverter Capacity: 600W
Battery capacity: 200Ah
Output voltage: 230V AC, 12V DC, 5V DC
AC Charging current: 8-15A
Recommended solar panel: 200W/18V*2
Working time: Load 100W for 19 hrs,200W for 9.6hrs, 300W for 6.4hrs

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