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Samsung 4k Ultra-Large 88-inch QLED TV (Q9)


Samsung Electronics is taking home theater to an entirely different level as they introduced to the new range of QLED TV technology at the 2018 CES event. The modular, self-emitting MicroLED 146” TV display was featured alongside Samsung’s latest innovations in display technology, demonstrating how television is evolving to offer consumers an outstanding viewing experience while acting as a centralized connected smart hub to enhance everyday life and for beautification.

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The Q9 is now the high-end model of Samsung’s QLED line, which features 55, 65, and 75-inch models depending on where in the world you happen to be. Of course, trying to pick out a “high-end model” in Samsung’s QLED line is a little unnecessary, as most of the TVs in the lineup are more expensive than regular TVs.

The QLED is the moniker Samsung has given its “quantum-dot” technology, which provided power consumption, setting the standard for future screen technology. The Q9 is part of Samsung’s new QLED TV series the company announced at CES in January, touting it as the next step in TV evolution. Samsung says the QLEDs are brighter with better color reproduction compared to regular OLEDs.

The QED technology also has the potential for infinite contrast just like OLED TVs because each LED can turn on and off individually. The smartTV can also achieve massive brightness nits, arguably higher than any LED LCD we’ve seen.  it is hefty for modern TV standards and its boundless 360 with a clean back finish will surely stun you and captivate your desires for a TV.

 The 88-Inch OLED Q9F TV of Samsung makes its most immediate impact with its colors. It boasts a stunningly luminous quality of HDR color tones across its display panel with rich tones that looks extremely vibrant. The bright tones don’t look bleached and retain their richness, and the image’s colour detailing in heavily saturated pictures is beautiful.

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The Q9F has also improved dimming technology to provide deeper blacks and, therefore, greater contrast when compared to traditional LEDs. This also brings out more detail in extremely light and extremely dark scenes. Although OLED TVs still have the Q9F beat when it comes to reproducing true black (since in OLED sets, each of individual pixel can be turned off completely), the QLED set is not plagued by the same burn-in and quality degradation that can occur over time in OLEDs.

The screen filtering of the Q9F QLED TV does an effective job of solving common HDR content issues such as looking too dark in a bright room. Its brightness peaks when watching HDR content. Samsung claims that the Q9F QLED TV has a 2000-nit light brightness output but the TV did achieve a couple of momentary 1800-nit peaks according to our experience. The screen is capable of delivering 1500 to 1800 nits or so of HDR brightness when playing a 10% HDR white box.  This TV is able to sustain a high peak brightness level far more consistently than other rival HDR TVs.

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This 88-Inch Q9F QLED TV excels when it comes to details. Good quality native 4K images are crisp and clean, aided by the screen’s subtle and accurate colour management. The level of light control is also amazing given that this TV is an edge-mounted lighting system. The sharpness is also amazing when handling motion, either, be it high frames per second video or Freeview sports content.

The Q9F TV is able to Control all of your compatible devices and content with the Premium One Remote. Experience complete control, seamless multi-tasking and laid-back viewing as you change channels on your set-top box, play the latest blockbuster on your Ultra HD Blu-ray player, ramp up the audio on your Soundbar or simply surf the web on the big screen.


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