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Rammer Compactors | Best Construction Industry Equipment

Rammer compactor

Compaction is one of the most important steps for many construction projects. Compaction is the process of using vibration to remove air from the base material. This improves the density of the base, which gives your project a solid foundation. Compaction Equipment will help you avoid issues like ground shifting, foundation erosion, slab cracks, and pipe leakage and breaks.

A properly compacted base will ensure the stability needed to properly support structures, sidewalks, roadways etc. The compactor is used mostly for road construction,It matches gasoline engines, high efficiency and operating easily. It is low amplitude and high frequency, designed to compact granular soils and asphalt. Installing rubber plate. it can also compact the Ceramic tile.

In construction, there are three main types of compactor. These are the Rammer, Plate compactor and the road roller.

The Rammer Compactor and Plate Compactor

The Rammer Compactor can compact all types of soil in medium and deep layers, in trenches, foundations, backfills etc. It is ideal for compaction work in confined areas and where high compaction density is required.

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Rammer Compactor

Rammers are used for compacting small areas by providing impact load to the soil. It works great when compacting cohesive soils because of the size of the plate.It works just like a jackhammer, but instead of a pointed end, a flat surface provides the impact.

Rammers have the ability to compact a deeper amount of soil because of the direct force from the plate. Therefore, more soil can be added to each layer which can make the process of filling and compacting a hole or trench, much faster. This equipment is light and can be hand or machine operated. The base size of rammers can be 15cm x 15cm or 20cm x 20cm or more.

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Plate Compactor

Plate compactors are designed to compact loose materials such as granular soils, gravel, small aggregate, and hot asphalt mixes. This engine base plate vibrates, thus moving soil particles and asphalt aggregates closer together to effect consolidation. Compactor plates are wider than rammer plates, thus, it weigh more and enables the compaction force to spread out over a greater area. This plays well to its strength in vibrating base material into place.

This gasoline engine is a must have for every construction site for perfection and professionalism. Buy Dom Best Rammer Compactor C90 in Nigeria on Kara Nigeria. The Dom Best Rammer Compactor C90 price on kara is the best price in Nigeria at N144,000.


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