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HP Envy 13 (2019) Review and Specs

hp envy 13

HP Envy 13 is a premium Windows 10 laptop. This laptop takes performance to another level, with its unique features and specs. It is a near-perfect Ultrabook that offers fast performance, long battery life and a bright display at a reasonable price.

Hewlett Packard Envy series has always been one of the best lower-cost alternatives to a MacBook for several years. The HP Envy 13 edition is equipped with an angular aluminum case. It has a reflection-attracting glass top layer. Compare to last year envy 13 edition the design has not really change.

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The 13-inch laptop spots a thin bezels of 0.7mm on the sides and 10mm on the top thus enabling the premium design. Although, the Envy 13 is the step down the Spectre line, it is quite a machine to behold.

Its keyboard keys are sharp-looking squares. It stretches to the edges of the laptop with heat vent positioned above keyboard with a severe geometric pattern. It also spots a backlight powerful enough to give the screen image a clearer access.

The HP device offers a fairly limited amount of ports. It has three USB ports that support USB 3.2 Gen 1 speeds. The USB Type-C port also supports the Display Port-via-USB-C function (this requires an adapter that must be purchased separately) and can also be used to recharge the device.

HP Envy 13 review

HP also added a webcam “killswitch” on the side of the laptop. This might come in handy if you’re worried about hackers (or the government) accessing the Envy 13 camera.


The 13.3-inch display screen comes with a f 1920×1080 pixels resolution, thus the sharp and bright display. It is also a FHD display version which is more vivid than the higher-res panel.

The 1080p panel reproduces 109% of the sRGB color gamut, making it more vivid than the 4K display, which reached only 99.4%. The contrast ratio (1600:1) and brightness (778.3 cd/m³) of this 120-Hz panel are very good. It comes with 411 nits of brightness on the 1080p panel, thus, the vibrant brightness.

HP has equipped the Envy with an IPS panel with stable viewing angles. This means that the screen can be read from any angle. Although the display has great brightness, it can still be difficult to read the screen outdoors. This is mainly due to the highly reflective display surface.

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The HP Envy 13 processor offers sufficient performance for office and internet applications while the dedicated graphics card allows users to play computer games.It is built around the 8th-gen quad-core Core i7-8565U. The fast CPU quad-core Core i7-8565U (Whiskey Lake) is a ULV model with a TDP of 15 watts.

This Core i7 processor clocks at a base rate of 1.8 GHz and can reach up to 4.1 GHz (four cores), 4.5 GHz (two cores) and 4.6 GHz (one core) thanks to its turbo. The Nvidia’s brand new MX250 GPU will help boost the gaming and graphics experience. In terms of storage, the laptop spots a 16GB RAM and a 512GB SSD.

The microSD card reader is one of the fastest of its kind. It reaches a maximum transfer rate of 81.7 MB/s when copying large amounts of data. It transferred 250 jpg files (each about 5 MB large) at a speed of 77.6 MB/s.

HP Envy 13 review


For the Envy 13’s touchpad HP adopted Precision drivers which results in a better performance than its predecessor. The smooth surface of the touchpad makes it easy for fingers to glide over it and inputs are precise even into the corners. The integrated mouse keys have a short travel and a noticeable pressure point. The ClickPad supports multi-touch gestures and is about 11 x 5.5 cm large.

HP Envy 13 review


HP has also improved the battery life of the laptop a little. According to the company the laptop can laste up to nine hours between charges. The laptop has a 53.6Wh battery, only fractionally larger than the last model.

Surprisingly, the Envy 13 also has good speakers. The hi-fi master Bang & Olufsen speakers gives a fairly solid sound quality. The Envy 13 2019 also supports the usual Wi-Fi standards 802.11a/b/g/n as well as the faster ac standard.



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