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How to Buy a Wristwatch: Best Wrist watches Buying Guide


watchWristwatches add style to your wardrobe and help you make it on time to an early meeting or a late dinner date. Many wristwatches also offer additional features, including stopwatches, compasses and calculators. Some watches can even store data and control your television. Wristwatches come in many different styles and materials, from luxury timepieces made of gold to rugged sport watches made of leather. Let us help you select the right men’s watch or women’s watch with our tips.


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Buying a Wristwatch:


Invest in style

Watches are meant to last years, decades and sometimes longer. To get the most out your timepiece investment, it is important to choose a women’s watch or men’s watch that will complement your personal style and go with everything in your closet. Stainless steel, gold and titanium watches are sleek and versatile. Leather watches are classic and masculine. Colorful rubber watches are bright, fun and collectible. Choose a watch that you will want to wear every day.

Opt for security and durability

Your watch is an investment, and it is important to keep it secure. Check watch straps, buckles and clasps to be sure that they are durable. You may also want to consider materials and construction that will last. Titanium, rubber, leather and stainless steel are great, durable materials.


Weigh quartz against mechanical

Most battery-operated watches are quartz watches and most mechanical watches need to be wound by hand. Some mechanical watches are automatic, which means they are wound with the motion of the wearer’s wrist. You may also like solar-powered and kinetic watches. Solar-powered watches capture sunlight and convert it into a power reserve. Solar-powered watches never need to be wound or have their battery replaced. Kinetic watches store energy that is collected from the motion of the wearer’s wrist and also will never need a battery or winding. Quartz watches are generally more accurate than mechanical watches, though some mechanical watches only lose one or two seconds per week.

Consider features

Your watch can be a simple timepiece, or it can help you make it through the day. Sport watches with compasses, stopwatches and barometers are great for camping, hiking and running on the beach. Water-resistant watches are good for swimmers and explorers, but they also come in handy in everyday life. Digital watches with calculators, data storage and other computing features keep you organized with style.


Pricing and Availability

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