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Best Washing Machine Buying Guide


washing-machingWhen buying a new washing machine, one of your most important decisions is figuring out which configuration will best meet your family’s needs: You have to know the capacity of the washing that will be needed and ask yourself if you need a front loader, a traditional top loader, or a high efficiency top-loader? We will be talking about the advantages and disadvantages of each to help you make the right choice.

Where to buy Washing machine

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Price of washing machines

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What washing machine capacity do I need?

This is an excellent question to ask yourself before you start to shop for a washer, as not all washer drums are created equal. In theory, a washing machine should last you between eight and twelves years. But if you constantly overstuff the drum, you will create wear and tear on the motor and shorten the life of your  washing machine. It is also worth nothing that the more laundry you can safely fit into the washing machine, the less frequently you have to wash, which saves energy and time. Here is a chart to help you with this decision.

Advantages of Front Loading Washing Machine:

  • If your laundry room is tight on space, this washer can be stacked.
  • Its large capacity allows you to wash more items at once and accommodates bulky items, without sacrificing cleaning performance.
  • In our recent evaluation of washing machines, front-loaders provided the best cleaning performance of all configurations tested.
  • Many units also let you add steam to the wash cycle to improve stain removal.
  • It’s the most energy efficient since its wash cycle uses less water.
  • Its high spin speed extracts more moisture from wet loads, which means you can cut down on drying time.


Disadvantage of Front Loading Washing machine:

  • With its advanced technology and special features, a front-loader can be very expensive to purchase.
  • Wash cycle time can be longer by 30 minutes or more than the cycles on other types of washers if you select one of the customized settings.
  • It may vibrate quite a bit on the spin cycle, especially if it’s not installed on a reinforced floor.
  • Because of its design, water can get trapped inside, causing musty odors to form in the washtub and the detergent dispenser.

Bottom Line: If your laundry is very dirty and you do many loads a week, you can ease the cleaning challenge and lighten the number of loads with a front-loader.


Advantages of Front Loading  Machine:

  • You don’t have to bend as much when you’re putting clothes in and taking them out.
  • Some top-loaders still give you the freedom to add laundry after the cycle has started.
  • Wash cycles are much shorter.
  • Minimal vibration.
  • You’re unlikely to have musty odors to deal with.
  • You’ll find its control panel uncomplicated and intuitive-to-operate.


Disadvantages of Front-Loading Washer:

  • Cleaning performance may not be up to snuff when it comes to heavily soiled clothes or full-to-the-brim loads.
  • The tub may not be able to accommodate your queen-size comforter.
  • It’s not stackable.
  • Wash cycles can’t be adjusted to fit your specific cleaning needs.
  • More water can remain in the wet load after the spin cycle, which can lengthen drying time. (Here are several tricks to shortening drying time.)

Bottom Line: If you’re not that fussy and don’t feel the need to fine tune every wash setting and don’t want to spend a ton of money, a traditional top-loader will suffice.

High Efficiency (HE) Top-Loading Washer


Advantage of Top-Loading Washing machine:

  • Since it doesn’t have an agitator, it can accommodate larger loads and bulkier items, like comforters.
  • Its cleaning performance is comparable to front-loaders.
  • Uses less water as it only fills part-way to allow room for the load to tumble, which translates to energy savings.
  • Here too, musty oders are unlikely to be a problem.
  • While you’ll pay more than for a traditional model, if you don’t opt for lots of extras and high-tech design, you’ll still find it quite affordable.


Disadvantage of Top Loading Washing machine:

  • The wash cycles can be just as lengthy as on front-loaders.
  • HE washing machine are not stackable.

you can now be sure of which washing machine to go for after reading these write up. For more info on washing machine and other appliances, kindly visit www.kara.com.ng 


Samsung Washing machine prices 

Samsung Washing Machine Top Load 9KG WA90G9DEP ₦54,000.00

Samsung Front Loader Dryer (SDC3K801) ₦110,300.00   ₦108,000.00

Samsung Washing Machine -Top Load | WA11F5S4UWA/NQ + Free 5Kg Detergent  ₦96,000.00

Samsung Washing Machine 5.5 KG – White Model WF8558  ₦72,000.00

Samsung WM-Front Load-Washer-5.5 KG-WF8558NMS/XSG-(Silver) ₦72,000.00

Samsung WM-Front Load-Washer-8KG-WF0804W8N1/XSG-(Silver) ₦152,400.00₦121,000.00

Samsung WM-Front Laod-8KG-WD0804W8N1/XSG-Silver ₦150,000.00  ₦130,900.00
Samsung WM-Front Load-Washer-6 KG-WF8590NGU/XSG (Silver)₦78,000.00  ₦70,000.00
Samsung Washing Machine Front Load | 7 KG-WF1702W5S/XSG ₦97,750.00 ₦87,400.00

Samsung Washing Machine -Front Load – 6KG-WF1602W5S/XSG-(Silver)  ₦90,000.00
Samsung Front Loader Washing Machine WF906U 9kg₦126,000.00    ₦121,000.00
Samsung Washing Machine Front Loader Wf0600NCW   ₦66,000.00

Samsung Tumble Dryer 8kg SDC1A   ₦111,000.00 ₦108,900.00

Samsung Front Loader Washing Machine WF906U 9kg ₦126,000.00 ₦121,000.00

Samsung Washing Machine -Top Load | WA11F5S4UWA/NQ + Free 5Kg Detergent ₦96,000.00


LG Washing Machine Prices

LG Washing Machine 610 Manual (Top Loader) ₦30,000.00
LG Washing Machine 750 Manual (Top Loader) ₦32,700.00
LG Washing Machine 9KG | P1400ROP  ₦49,200.00
LG Washing Machine Top Load 6.5KG – P7552R3F ₦49,200.00

LG Washing Machine T6511 Automatic (Top Loader) ₦46,800.00

LG Washing Machine 7552 Manual (Top Loader) ₦39,000.00

LG Washing Machine Manual (Top Loader) 1860 ₦60,000.00

LG Washing Machine WM 8507 9KG (Top Loader)₦70,800.00

LG Washing Machine 1400R Manual (Top Loader) ₦45,600.00

LG Dish Washer 1452L Silver  ₦119,600.00 ₦114,400.00


We have all brands of washing machines on www.kara.com.ng such as; Samsung washing machine, LG washing machine and dryer, Ignis washing machine, Midea washing Machine, scanfrost washing machine and so on. All this washing machines brands listed comes in automatic top load, front load, twin tub and dryers and washers




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