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GPS car tracker – solution to car theft in Nigeria


tramigo carA car can be stolen in less than 60 seconds and most of those stolen cars are never recovered. Many cars are stolen every year in Nigeria .Taking a few extra security precautions can help you avoid being a victim. Your car is an expensive investment so it’s important to know how to avoid car theft and keep your car safe.Tramigo’s GPS car tracker is the most reliable solution to car theft in Nigeria. They have reached perfection in vehicle tracking technology and partnering with a reliable and one of the best online shopping site  www.kara.com.ng to distribute to you the most reliable GPS car tracker in Nigeria. These GPS car trackers possess excellent performance, highly sensitive GPS, optimized power management for cars  at affordable price.

                                  Where to buy best GPS car tracker

Tramigo Vehicle Tracker is the most advanced and best selling GPS vehicle security product in the world for personal use and fleet management. It’s the only tracker with a 24-month Warranty and embedded with Nigeria and Sub-Sahara Landmarks. Perfect for Fleet Management and Car Security and you can get your best and reliable GPS tracker today from www.kara.com.ng   for just N39,000.

Specification of T23 Vehicle tracker

  • Track on any phone via SMS
  • Free Smartphone & tablet tracking software
  • No server setup or internet connection needed
  • Ignition and engine immobilization via SMS
  • Prevent unauthorized trips and sideline business
  • Fuel log feature to prevent fuel theft and control costs track even without internet/map access
  • Track on any phone with simple SMS messages
  • Understand locations instantly without zooming in/out
  • Add up to 1,000 own locations (office, home, client etc.)
  • Multi-lingual with selectable primary language


 Benefits of GPS Car tracker


Vehicle tracking GPS devices are being used in a wide range of industries. Companies use it to better organize movement of vehicles and goods. It helps in efficient management of trucks, buses, cars, or any other type of vehicles.

It results in saving time and money because drivers do not waste time in finding destination. They stay on the route and cannot bill incorrectly. Goods are delivered on time and various things like sales, delivery and inventory can be coordinated more efficiently.

There are various benefits of using vehicle tracking GPS system. These benefits include:


Economical Drive

vehicle tracking system helps to reduce fuel consumption by over speed tracking, measurement of engine idling, route improvement, dispatching and proper periodic maintenance.

Engine Idling Monitoring

Engine idling reports enable decreasing idle times for fuel efficiency.

Improving Driver Behavior

Driver performance is improved by measuring sudden acceleration, cornering, harsh breaking, route control and break times.

Stolen Vehicle Recovery

Stolen vehicles can be located and tracked for recovery with the option of remote immobilization of the vehicle.

Real Time Monitoring

System offers real time web based GPS tracking with more than 50 verhicle and driver based reports. System enables to monitor vehicle arrival and departure times and also offers various planning tools.

Safer Drive

System reduces traffic accident rates by measuring working times of the vehicles.

Because of so many benefits, more and more businesses are using car tracking GPS systems in their vehicles. These tracking devices are easy to manage and can be integrated easily with existing software of the company.

It is especially useful to transporters and large businesses that operate lots of vehicles. It is also a known fact that insurance companies offer lower premiums for auto insurance if the vehicle has tracking GPS system


  • Always follow the manufacturers’ instructions. These instructions do not supersede the manufacturers’ instructions.
  • Inventory all parts on receipt. Check for damage or missing components.
  • Always use a 3 to 5-amp in-line fuse to protect the unit from damage and prevent damage not covered by warranty.
  • Install real-time units as quickly as possible. Real-time billing starts within 14-days of the units being delivered.
  • Use Torque Seal on connections or a serial number zip tie to identify tampering issues.
  • Don’t use wire nuts without Torque Seal, they are too easy to disconnect. Instead use the poke and wrap connection method.
  • Always use a multi-meter to find your connection wires.
  • Make sure wires are not pinched or repeatedly closed in doors.
  • Do not place the antenna in the arc of the wipers or behind tinting that may have metal in it.
  • Install GPS unit behind the radio or near the steering column.
  • Make sure GPS unit gets constant 12v power even when the ignition is off by testing with a multi-meter. Watch the power when the vehicle is started and shut down. Some power leads can lose all power during starting which will cause problems with the GPS systems. It should not dip below 9 volts.
  • Make sure you have a good ground secured with a screw and Torque Seal.
  • If using switched power test, test the power as the ignition is turned on and off.
  • Do not block or cover the GPS antenna with metal.
  • The optimum location for the cellular and GPS antenna is on the windshield of the vehicle.
  • Antennas are directional; make sure it is facing up and lying as flat as possible. Secure them in place with 3m automotive tape or zip ties.
  • Secure antennas placed inside the dash so they don’t shift at a later time and create a communication issue.
  • Make sure the GPS system is operating correctly before closing up the dash. Check lights, tones, on-line display or sample data depending on system.
  • Never tap into wires that may impact the safety of the vehicle such as an airbag wire. Steering columns is generally the best option.





  1. A car tracker is one of the most effective ways to ensure a car is recovered in event of theft. Even though there are no guarantees vehicles will not be stolen, at least there is a guarantee they would be found. So i install a car tracker to my car, i bought it here: https://jiji.ng/12-gps-trackers


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