Central Servo Stabilizers in Nigeria: Recommended Brands and Prices

central servo stablizers

Chances are you’ve invested a lot of money in your home electronics—from your DVD player to your LED television, and to your refrigerator. But  do you know that a power surge can damage all these appliances within the twinkle of an eye?

If you really cannot imagine your DVD player, TV, air conditioner, refrigerator, washing machine, and other appliances getting damaged at once, then you need to get a central servo voltage stabilizer. With this special type of voltage stabilizer, you can rest assured that those precious electrical and electronic devices of yours won’t be damaged by a power surge.

What is a central servo stabilizer?

A central servo voltage stabilizer is a large voltage regulator that resists the damaging effect of sudden rises in voltage and increases voltage to optimal levels when it’s low.

The principle of operation of a central servo stabilizer involves comparing the output voltage with built-in stable reference voltage source and regulating it as due. It contains a solid-state control circuit that operates an in-built AC synchronous motor whenever the output voltage falls or rises beyond the preset voltage.

Advantages of a central servo stabilizer

  • Protects expensive appliances: Due to its regulatory function, a central servo stabilizer can protect your electronics from power surges.
  • Boosts low voltage: If you live in an area where the output is usually annoyingly low, a central servo stabilizer can make you glad by boosting your voltage to the standard output level. So, with a central servo stabilizer, you can enjoy your appliances, since they will be working at optimal voltage.
  • Has wide regulation range: A central servo stabilizer can regulate voltage between the range of 120V and 300V. That’s a pretty wide range, considering that the standard voltage output rating in Nigeria is 220 volts.
  • Supports large loads: A single central servo stabilizer would be enough to support all your home or office electronics. So, you don’t have to purchase an individual stabilizer for each appliance, since you can have them all connected to the stabilizer at once.

What are the best central servo stabilizer brands available in Nigeria?

At the moment, there are two highly recommended brands on central servo stabilizers in Nigeria: PRAG and A&E. While both brands are highly effective for their role, there are slight differences between them, which might influence your decision as a buyer.

PRAG central servo stabilizers

They can handle heavy-load appliances, such as air conditioners, and they offer more reliability and performance than traditional stabilizers. Other features include wide input voltage, steady output voltage, digital control, wall mountable, and protection against low voltage and over voltage.

PRAG central stabilizers come at varying prices, depending on the load capacity. And they’re aesthetically appealing and portable.

A&E central servo stabilizers

A&E central servo stabilizers are also rugged protectors against low and high voltage. And they’re ideal for both home and office use. Though less portable than PRAG stabilizers, they have a wider regulation range. As expected, A&E central servo stabilizers come at varying prices, depending on their load capacity.

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