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HP Toners in Nigeria: Types and Prices


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An HP toner cartridge, also known as an HP laser toner is the consumable part of any HP laser printer. It usually contains toner powder, a black, fine, and dry mixture of plastic particles and coloring agents that make the image or letters appear on paper during a printing process.

Each time you click on the “Print” command on your PC, an electrostatically charged drum unit in your laser printer transfers the toner to the paper. Then heated rollers in the printer fuse the toner onto the paper.

Types of HP Toners

Genuine or OEM HP toners

Genuine HP toners (also known as “original equipment manufacturer” (OEM) toners) are toner cartridges sold by HP. The company offers certain guarantees when you use its genuine toners in your printer and sometimes makes certain threats if you don’t.

Genuine HP toners are more expensive than other types of HP toner cartridges. However, you can reduce the difference in price significantly by purchasing your HP toner cartridges from a specialist retailer.

Compatible toners

Compatible toners (also known as generic toners) are produced by third-party companies and are sold under different brand names. This explains why they vary slightly in look, design, and page yield when compared with genuine or OEM toners.

Although compatible or generic toners are less reliable than genuine ones, they enjoy widespread patronage—especially in Nigeria—because they are relatively cheaper and more readily available.

Refilled or remanufactured HP toners

Refilling involves a process by which the toner powder in a genuine toner cartridge, which has been used only once, is refilled. You sure would have noticed the inscription on some HP toner cartridges encouraging you to return the empty cartridge to the factory once you have exhausted the toner. The company gathers empty cartridges from customers, cleans or replaces their parts, refills them with toner powder, and sells them again.

Refilled HP toners are also cheaper then genuine toners. But using them comes with a caveat: they can ultimately lead to leaking, printer malfunction, or outright printer damage.

How to buy genuine HP toners in Nigeria

Contrary to what most people think, genuine HP toners are available in Nigeria, albeit at reputable stores only. And Kara Nigerian Online Store is one of the few Nigerian outlets that deal in original HP toners.

To get your own HP toner from Kara Nigeria, simply visit www.Kara.com.ng to place your order (you will find HP toners under the “Computer accessories” category.

Once you place your order, you will receive it at your designated delivery location with 3 working days at most.

Here is a list of some HP toners we presently have in store and their prices:


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