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Buy Sukam Power Inverters in Nigeria


In an era of growing energy needs and rising concerns about the environment in nigeria, Su-Kam offers a wide portfolio of inverter products range from 0.8KVA – 10KVA. This extensive range is suitable for the smallest residential home systems up to multi-megawatt power plants.

Sukam inverters are not only designed to withstand the rigours of our unstable public power system, they also offer the capacity to meet any scale of work load. With the 1 year warranty on Sukam inverters, you buy them virtually without any purchase risk, the products include;

Economical Range for regular products (1.5 KVA to 2.5 KVA)
Micron HUPS / Inverter (150 VA & 250 VA)
Torque HUPS / Inverter (650 VA – 2000 VA)
Cosmic HUPS / Inverter (850 VA)
Shark HUPS / Inverter (650 VA – 2.5 KVA)
Frendy i HUPS / Inverter (400 VA)
Premium Range (Pure Sine Wave) for sensitive products (250 VA to 3.5 KVA)
Shiny UPS / Inverter (250 VA – 1500 VA)
Falcon UPS / Inverter (600 VA – 1400 VA)
Smiley UPS / Inverter (850 VA)
Blaze HF Inverter (850 VA)
Fusion UPS Series (2.2 KVA & 3.5 KVA)
Small & Large Enterprise (5 KVA to 100 KVA)
Collosal DSP Sine Wave Inverters (5 KVA – 100 KVA)



  1. I just received the product I paid for online and to be very sincere, I ain’t get value for my money. Bought online a Logitech Bluetooth speaker. It is not loud and does not get connected through Bluetooth as specified. I spent a whooping sum of #25,200. Infact, this particular act will never make me buy anything online from any Nigerian company again!

    • Dear Gabriel,
      We recognize your concern, but feel this is not the place to post the comment. Please feel free to do so under the product page.

      We are also not happy that you did get your desired product. And we apologize for this

  2. Inverters are indeed a great solution for the power needs today. But I am not sure how good they will be when using for heavy power equipments like pumps, mixer grinders, computers and so on. I heard about sine wave inverters which can provide more efficient power supply in which equipments like PCs can perform. But still, for most inverters it will take a time to start the backup when power fails. This can be costly for those using computers. I guess connecting a UPS with inverter can be a fair solution though I can’t be sure of how it affects the health of both inverter and ups.


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