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wrist-watch-8OOX6OOCasio watches are produced by the Tokyo-based electronics company Casio Computer Co., Ltd. Casio watches are affordable and accurate and available in digital, analogue, quartz and solar-powered models.Casio watches are marketed to outdoor enthusiasts, urban young people, technology lovers and individuals who need a hip, low-maintenance wristwatch. Casio’s most enduring line of watches is its solar-powered atomic timepieces, which don’t rely on battery power and self-adjust the time daily using low-frequency radio signals. If you are looking for a durable solar or quartz watch with modern styling, consider Casio watches. Our facts about men’s Casio watches and women’s Casio watches will help you choose the right one.


Where Buy Watches Online

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All about Casio Watches:


Casio quartz watches debuted in the 1980s, and for a time they were known for being so inexpensive that it was almost cheaper to purchase a new wristwatch rather than replace the battery. Today, Casio produces a line of men’s watches and women’s watches that are certainly worth the investment, some with solar-power technology, advanced sport functions and styling that is unique and artistic.

Popular models

Today, men’s Casio watches and women’s Casio watches are technologically advanced timepieces. The Casio G-Shock is definitely not a throwaway watch. The G-shock is a durable solar-powered timepiece with multiple functions, including a calculator, luminous markers and hands and a display for 29 time zones. The Casio Wave ceptor features luxury styling, a luminous coating for long-term dial illumination, automatic radio-controlled time-setting and a sports stopwatch. The Casio Databank watch is a technology lover’s dream, offering a comprehensive calendar, data storage and 13-language display. One Databank model even operates as a television remote control! These men’s and women’s watch models from Casio take timekeeping and personal organization to a whole new level.

Solar power

Casio’s solar-powered models, including the G-Shock and the Waveceptor, utilize tiny solar panels to capture sunlight and convert it to energy to power the watch. Women’s and men’s watches with solar power are easy to use and can store enough energy to power the watch for up to six months without sunlight.

Time updates

Casio watches that receive time automatically, like the Wave acceptor, feature a low-frequency radio signal that receives information from one of several world clock stations. The radio frequency updates the time automatically, making these watches incredibly low-maintenance and accurate.

Technology and design

Once strictly a utilitarian watchmaker, today’s Casio features an extensive line of attractive watches, including chronographs with black or blue dials measuring 40 mm in diameter that combine sporty, fashionable looks with technology. Many Casio watches are unisex, although Casio also produces a line of ladies’ watches with luxury styling and colorful dials.

Pricing and Availability

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