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Benefits of Cooking with Hot Plates


If you are shopping for a new stove for your kitchen, of course, there are many cooking stoves that cook be available for purchase, however, if you want a new face for your kitchen, or a stressfree and clean cooking stove then i will suggest you go for an Electric Hot Plate.

Electric hot plate is paving the way for an innovative and new style of cooking. No longer do we have to battle with cooking systems that don’t cook food evenly. In fact, you no longer have to be limited to the kitchen, at all. Electric hot plates are the perfect addition to the kitchen as they are convenient for preparing numerous food. There is no reason to keep inhaling different smoke all in the name of cooking, coming out of the kitchen and smelling like a roasted chicken or with a very red eye just to prepare your choice of food.

An electric plate is a kind of electric heating equipment, it is based on electric heating wire as a heating material to heat soft board and other materials as insulating material,  hot plate is one of the most common electric heating equipment, such as electric water bottle is a typical example of the application of the hot plate.

According to Wikipedia, a hotplate is a portable self-contained tabletop small appliance that features one, two or more electric heating elements.
it can be used as a stand-alone appliance. It is often used for food preparation, generally in a location where a kitchen stove would not be convenient.

The electric plate is made of stainless steel, ceramic and other materials as the outer shell. The electric heating alloy wire is enclosed in the interior of the electric heating plate. Therefore, it is closed and heated without an open flame, no smell and good safety. It is suitable for all kinds of surroundings.

There are a few advantages to using electric hot plates. For example, the heat from it is evenly distributed. Overall, electric hot plates are going to be the least expensive option overall, and this takes into account the purchase price as well as the fact that you can use less expensive pots and pans on the unit, including glass and aluminium. And if you already have copper pots and pans, you can use those, too.

Gas Cooker Or Electric Hot Plate

Your stove is the most important part of your kitchen, helping you create both everyday dinners and holiday feasts for your friends and family. There are many different stove models available, and it can be difficult to narrow down your choices. There are advantages to both gas and electric ranges, and the ultimate choice comes down to what you use your stove for and what you want.

For Starters, electric ranges are less expensive to manufacture, making them less expensive to purchase. The cost is also significantly less since your kitchen is likely prewired for an electric range. It can be costly to have a gas line installed in an existing property if you. The cost of maintaining the Hotplate is very low compared to a gas cooker which must always be refilled for continues usage.

You may also want to consider the safety of a gas stove compared to an electric stove. Both have inherent risks. You may feel more comfortable with the lasting heat on the electric stovetop than the danger of a gas leak. The open flame of a gas range can easily burn something or someone by accident. However, it is more obvious to the naked eye than a still-hot electric element, and therefore easy to avoid burns. Gas generates much heat then the Hot Plate, It heats up immediately its knob is twisted unlike the hot late which heats up gradually.

Hot Plate can be seen together with some Gas cooker. There are different designs of Hot Plate.

Electric Hot Plate 2 Hob by Qasa Image result for SAISHO COIL ELECTRIC HOT PLATE DOUBLE HP-10

Some gas cookers come with electric cooker. Combo cookers (electric & gas cooker combined) are recommended if budget allows. For example in Nigeria or in other countries with unreliable electricity supply, buying an electric-only cooker might mean starvation. however, the stand-alone Hot Plate is cheaper compared to the combined cooker.

The Price of Hot plates depends on the brand and designs. the top Brand for Hot Plates includes;  LG maxi, Qasa, Saisho, Haier thermocool, Midea and more. Stand-alone hot plate is sold from the range of 3,500 while the standing combo is priced from 46,000 while a table top is priced for 13,000.




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