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Bain Marie For Your Industrial Kitchen


Industrial Bain Marie

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What makes an industrial kitchen does not have to do with how beautifully the kitchen is designed instead it is how equipped the kitchen is with the necessary industrial equipment, which includes the Industrial Bain Marie. However, every equipment is selected based on the profession.

There are residential equipment that performs similar function of this Industrial equipment, however, the Bain Marie is more advisable for industrial use.  Industrial kitchens use durable equipment designed specifically for mass and industrial usage that incorporates safety features rarely found on equipment designed for residential use.

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Bain Marie

Bain-marie is a cooking and serving equipment, mostly used by professional cooks, catering services, hospitals, and canteens. However, household bain-marie is also available for cooking at home but can’t function well for industrial use. The equipment helps to provide heat in a slow and gradual manner without coming in direct contact with the food product. It is more popularly known by lay people as the double boiler. It is also known as a hot water bath.

Bain Marie is essential for slow, even heating. They are also commonly used as chafing dishes for catering events and parties that require precise temperature control of prepared foods.

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Types of Bain Marie

Bain Marie comes in different type and size.

Dry Heat Bain Maries: Dry heat Bain Maries heat up much quicker than wet heat because the container material is being directly heated rather than the heat being diffused through the water. This type of bain-marie works on dry heat. It means it runs on electricity, or dry heat being provided in some other manner.

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Wet Bain-marie – This is the basic type of bain-marie which works on wet heat. The wet heat may be provided by filling the bottom can with boiling water, oil, salt solution or any other liquid. The boiling point of water is 100 degree C so that becomes the maximum temperature for the bain-marie. Similarly, if oil or salt solution is used then their boiling point is the highest temperature that can be achieved in the bain-marie.

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To enjoy each of your stay in the kitchen get the necessary equipment for a neat, fast and effective work. Be a professional in your work

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