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Bread Slicer for Your Industrial Kitchen


Industrial Bread Slicer

What makes an industrial kitchen does not have to do with how beautifully the kitchen is designed instead it is how equipped the kitchen is with the necessary industrial equipment, which includes the Industrial Bread Slicer, however, every equipment is selected based on the profession.

There are residential equipment that performs similar function of the Industrial equipment, however, since the  Residential equipment isn’t designed to handle large-scale food preparation, time-consuming and requires frequent replacement due to damages, so here comes the need to be equipped with not just the kitchen equipment but the industrial kitchen equipment.

Industrial kitchens use durable equipment designed specifically for mass and industrial usage that incorporates safety features rarely found on equipment designed for residential use.

Bread Slicer

A  Bread Slicer is a machine designed to slice a loaf of bread into pieces so as to be easy to eat and easily used in making a sandwich.

Since the 1920 when the first bread slicing machine was invented by Otto Rohwedder the usage of this inventory in bakeries has increase due to the convenience it  brings to the consumers. In the world today  sliced bread is  mostly preferred to the loaves because with  the use of the bread slicer they are sliced neatly,  fresh and in different shapes.


The Need For A Bread Slicer

Being familiar with the benefit of a Bread Slicer helps understand the need for it in every industrial kitchen. Here is a brief list of benefits of a Bread Slicer.

  • Fast paced workflow:  The use of a Bread Slicer helps get work done faster than using a knife which could take time depending on the number and size of the loaves you have to cut.
  • Stress-free- The use of Bread slicer has make eating of bread easy for the consumer and at the same time easy work flow to  the maker who is saved from long period of cutting bread into slices which may not even be straight of in the same size.

  • Reduced cost:  The cost of employing workers is more than the cost in buying and maintaining a Bread slicer, at the same time man get tired but as far as the machine is well managed then the work continues until its over. At the same time there wont be mistake of cutting the bread less  than the pieces you planned to produce with one loaf.
  • Safety:  The probability of cutting yourself while cutting the bread using a knife is 50 because it takes a sharp knife to cut a fresh bread  but with the use of a bread cutter such incident could be averted.

To enjoy each of your stay in the kitchen get the necessary equipment for a neat, fast and effective work. Be a professional in your work.

Where To Buy A Bread Slicer in Nigeria.

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