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Apple October 30 event: 7 new devices that may be launched.


Apple is holding its second biggest hardware event of the year today (October 30). The company sent invites on October 18th, with tag line, “There’s more in the making”. Today’s event will be held in the Brooklyn Academy of Music, Howard Gilma Opera House,  New York city. This event is holding just weeks after the company’s annual iPhone and Apple Watch event and is scheduled to start at 10 am ET (7.30 om IST). Here’s all that Apple is likely to launch at the event.

New iPad Pro
This is the main star of Today’s event which is getting completely overhauled with a new design.  Apple is expected to launch a new version of its high-end iPad, iPad Pro. Rumours suggest that the new iPad will come without home button and will be almost bezel less. It is likely to boasts same form factor as iPhone X. There are also upgrade expected on display and processor front. An updated version of Apple Pencil too may be announced.

The new iPad Pros are said to get new, edge-to-edge screens similar to Apple’s newest iPhones, removing the home button / Touch ID sensor in favor of swiping gesture for navigation and a Face ID scanner. Additionally, Apple is said to be switching over from its proprietary Lightning port to USB-C, a move that would let the new iPad Pros share chargers and accessories with Apple’s laptop (and leave the iPhone as the sole portable Apple device stuck on Lightning).

Along with the bigger hardware changes, Apple is expected to improve the internal hardware on the new iPad Pros, too, upgrading the processor to a new variant of Apple’s recently released A12 Bionic chipset. And in what would be a first for the company, it’s adding a custom Apple graphics chip.

iPad Mini
Rumour also suggest that Apple may launch a new version of iPad Mini. The tablet got last update almost three years ago.

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MacBook Air
Apple’s Mac lineup too is likely to get an update. Speculations suggest that while one may be a new addition the other is likely to be an upgrade. The company is expected to announce upgrade or replacement of MacBook Air. The MacBook Air has not got a significant overhaul since 2015. One of the lightest laptops when launched, the MacBook Air has been replaced by other Mac lineup in almost every tech aspect. The new MacBook Air may be comparatively economical and aimed at education and other such markets.

The new Air is said to keep the same 13-inch screen size as the current Air, but at a much higher resolution and with slimmer bezels, along with a much-needed bump in specs. The current Air offers a comically outdated 2015-era Intel processor.

Mac Mini
A Bloomberg report also suggests that Apple may give a professional-focused upgrade to the Mac mini desktop. The update is said to be in the works since last four years for Apple’s Mac desktop that comes without a keyboard mouse and screen. (Apple’s event will mark 1,475 days since that last revision.) But Apple is expected to finally give Mac mini fans a new model at its event, with updated specifications and additional features for professional users (fingers crossed for USB-C.)


Will Apple finally introduce the wireless charging mat it showcased during iPhone X launch event. Apple introduced wireless charging in its phones in 2017, the company then also showcased Apple AirPower wireless charging mat that it said will be launched later. However, Apple users are still waiting for them as they were noticeably absent from this year’s iPhone event.

AirPods 2

 Apple launched its wireless earphones dubbed AirPods in 2016. However, surprisingly the company is still to launch AirPods’ successor. There have been rumours and speculations about them since months now. The latest suggest that the AirPods 2 will be waterproof. Some reports also claim that Apple is working on noise-canceling, over-ear headphones that may rival headsets from companies Bose. All we just have to do is hope the Airpod 2 will be among the unveiling today.

HomePod 2

Launched in 2017, the company is still to introduce their successor in a market dominated by Amazon’s Echo and Echo Dot range, followed by Google’s Google Home speakers. According to latest data from Strategy Analytics, HomePod accounts for 4 percent of speakers market. So here we are this year expecting one of this smartspeaker HomePod.


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