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Comparing Skyrun Gas Cooker: Which Model Is Right for You?

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When it comes to modern kitchen appliances, Skyrun stands out as a reliable brand, offering a range of gas cookers designed to meet diverse cooking needs. If you’re in the market for a new gas cooker, navigating through the various models can be overwhelming. Fear not! This guide is here to help you compare Skyrun gas cookers and find the perfect fit for your kitchen.

1. Skyrun Gas Cooker Variety:

Skyrun offers a diverse range of gas cookers, each catering to specific preferences and requirements. Currently, there are two prominent Skyrun Gas cookers in the market: the 4 Burner Gas Cooker GCS4G/MS500Z and the 3 Burner + 1 Electric Hotplate GCS – 3G1E/K

4 Burner Gas Cooker GCS4G/MS500Z

  • 4 Burners: Four burners, allowing you to cook different cuisines at the same time, saving time and effort.
  • 60L Oven: Dinner can be made at one time by the 60L large oven, suitable for holding up a family party.
  • Copper Burner Cover: Beautiful appearance, easy to clean, and more durable.
  • Child Lock of Valve: Child lock design to prevent misoperation and protect family safety.
  • Mirror Oven Glass: Water and dirt resistance, anti-rust and anti-corrosion, elegant, and easy to clean.

What’s in the Box

  • Burner material:
  • Aluminum
  • Copper burner cover
  • Child lock of valve
  • Mirror oven glass
  • Oven Size: 60L
  • Ignition method: Manual ignition
  • Main material: Cold plate
  • Big burner nozzle parameter: 0.68
  • Middle burner nozzle parameter: 0.6
  • Small burner nozzle parameter: 0.5
  • Down burner nozzle parameter: 0.75

Skyrun Gas Cooker(3 Burners+1 Electric Hotplate)- GCS-3G1E/X Black

  • Oven Size:60L  
  • Burners: 3
  • 1 electric hotplate
  • big burner nozzle parameter:  0.68
  • middle  burner nozzle parameter:  0.6 
  • small  burner nozzle parameter:  0.5
  • down burner nozzle parameter:  0.75
  • Electric hotplate power: 220V-240V, 1500W


  • burner 
  • burner cap 
  • screw 
  • enamel grill 
  • glass support 
  • warranty card
  • instructions

2. Size Matters:

Consider the size of your kitchen and your cooking needs. Skyrun provides gas cookers in different sizes, ensuring you find one that fits seamlessly into your kitchen space while accommodating your cooking habits.

3. Burner Configuration:

Skyrun gas cookers come with two types of burner configurations. Whether you prefer a standard four-burner setup or a 3 + 1 that includes an electric cooker option, Skyrun models guarantee a top-notch cooking experience.

4. Oven Features:

If baking is on your agenda, explore Skyrun gas cookers with ovens. These ovens come with different features, including various cooking modes, adjustable racks, and built-in lights for convenient baking experiences.

5. Design and Aesthetics:

Skyrun prioritizes aesthetics without compromising functionality. Choose a gas cooker that complements your kitchen decor. Skyrun offers models with sleek designs, durable finishes, and easy-to-clean surfaces for a stylish and practical addition to your kitchen.

6. Energy Efficiency:

Skyrun gas cookers are designed with energy efficiency in mind. Explore models with features such as precise flame control and quick heating to optimize energy usage, saving you money in the long run.

7. Safety Features:

Safety is paramount in the kitchen. Skyrun integrates safety features like flame failure protection and auto-ignition in some models. Prioritize a gas cooker that aligns with your safety preferences.

8. Budget-Friendly Options:

Skyrun understands that quality shouldn’t break the bank. Explore budget-friendly gas cooker options without compromising on essential features. Compare models to find the best value for your money.

9. Customer Reviews and Ratings:

Before making your decision, delve into customer reviews and ratings for specific Skyrun gas cooker models. Real user experiences can provide valuable insights into performance, durability, and overall satisfaction.

10. Warranty and After-Sales Service:

Check the warranty offered on Skyrun gas cookers. Additionally, explore the brand’s after-sales service and customer support. A reliable warranty and responsive customer service enhance your overall ownership experience.



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