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Traditional Chinese Medicine and its wonders.


Traditional Chinese Medicine in the 21st Century has been facing perplexing opposition mainly by those who characterizes Chinese Medical theories as “Magical”-Pseudoscientific. Some of these allegations continue to deny Chinese medicine equal status with modern biomedicine – as being based on Scientific facts. These misconceptions pose to thwart the world-quest of not only Chinese medicine but other Traditional medicinal impacts as well. People hardly recon with drugs that isn’t treading the Biomedical standards nor carrying its certifications as a sign of its efficacy. In Nigeria and other African Countries alike, propagandist wrote articles (containing myths, propaganda, a touch of fact and sheer unguided innuendoes) to suppress the inter-communal transfers of the Traditional Herbal impacts on diseases that defy Bioscience cure. These articles painted Native Practitioners as savages whose knowledge of Herbs are unguided and mainly on guess without accurate measurement guidelines and preservation to fit in into the demand of time. Practitioners of Western Biomedicine, in their adverse indifference to the impact of majority of the traditional Medicine, regard the native prescriptions as placebos devoid of today’s Evidence Based Medicine (EBM) of Western Biomedical Standards.

By implication, it is clear that the impact of the absence of proper study of Traditional Chinese Medicine or other Natural System of healing at Medical Schools has created a learning vacuum in the lives of Graduates of western Biomedicine. The clear fact is that Biomedicine gives us one very useful lens to look at health and illness. Oriental medicine provides us with a different but equally valid and useful lens. (Journal of Chinese medicine. Number 104. February 2014). Since Professor Youyou Tu obtained the Nobel Prize in Physiology or Medicine in 2015, Traditional Chinese Medicine has come into the people’s vision again in the World. It displays the Magic and mystery of TCM that has been developing for thousands of years. In recent years, great improvement has been done to TCM with the advent of a more coordinated synergy between TCM and Modern Techniques such as High Performance Liquid Chromatography (HPLC), Gas Chromatography- Mass Spectrometry ( GC-MS), Liquid Chromatography – Mass Spectrometry (LC-MS) et.c makes it easy to understand the effective components and mechanism of Chinese Medicine. The combination can also be applied to create a set of Standards to help the manufacture of goods. (Medicinal and Aromatic Plants. Volume 4. Issue 5. 2015).

Now, let’s delve into the great impacts of Chinese medicine that has made it one of the world’s leading Traditional Medicinal cure of all time. With the ubiquity of modernized TCM drugs, the systematic diagnostic and treatment has aided the unparallel curative results gotten from patients. The diagnostic methods made careful and wholesome observation in patients easy and effective. The diagnostic method has also promoted the integration of clinical care and Chinese medicine inspection instrument which help patients get the most accurate treatment for their ailment. In TCM, there are five major Diagnostic methods: inspection (Analysis of face, tongue – its shape color, size et.c), auscultation (listening to detect sound such as wheezing from the patient), olfaction (attending to body odor), palpation (feeling body pulses) while inquiry delves into other fact finding about a patient ailment through x-raying the patient’s five elements – wood, fire, earth, metal and water. It is a belief in the ancient Chinese that a person can only be at peace when there is balance and order among these elements.  According to World Health Organization (WHO) article on the contribution of Chinese Medicine to sustainable development by Dr Margaret Chan (Director General of WHO), She emphasizes the triumph of TCM in not only curative medicine but it excels in the prescription of interventions like healthy and balanced diet, exercise, herbal remedies among others. In May 2003, the World Health Assembly resolution on traditional medicine (WHA56.31) was adopted. The resolution has been giving a helping hand for the Technical development of TCM worldwide. The unification and technical support from World Health regulators have not only benefitted TCM and other Traditional Practitioners only it has also assisted in creating new phases of drugs that only Biomedicine couldn’t have created alone. It was recorded that the erstwhile effort of producing unilateral drugs rely on modern technology only appears to be reaching its limits. Big Pharmaceutical Companies in other to fill this vacuum now result to a collaborative drug production which has now produced new phases of medical product that can now  withstand  disease that earlier defy the Biomedical cure. The sustained growth of the TCM has a positive relationship on the growth  Pharmaceutical Industries around the globe as more investment is pumped into R&D in a quest to get the TCM ground-breaking achievements to every nooks and crannies of the World. In Africa, These Pharmaceutical Companies has help to create a Multi-billion dollars industry that does not only seek after good health of their Customers but also provide financial liberation and sustainable income flow for them. At the fore-front of this TCM in Africa is FOHOW Technology Investment Group.

FOHOW Technology Investment Group Co.,Ltd is an international group company incorporated by Mr. Yu Fei and his partners in Hong Kong. It is mainly specialized in the research, production and sales of natural healthcare products made from traditional Chinese medicine. After over ten years of growth, FOHOW Group has undergone continuous expansion, with its subsidiaries being established in Beijing, Tianjin, Guangdong and other cities, of which there are one research institute and three plants where healthcare products are manufactured. Zhuhai Yude Health Care Research Institute was established under the guidance of Professor Tang Youzhi, emeritus dean of China Academy of Chinese Medical Sciences and attending physician of former Chinese chairman Mao Zedong. It is the first Chinese professional healthcare research and development institution under FOHOW Group, with Professor Tang Youzhi as the emeritus dean and concurrent chief expert. Three systems— Research & Development Center, Test Center and Trial-manufacture Center have been formed in the Institute which is in possession of a first-rate team of research and development, consisting of famous herbalist doctors, biologists and technical engineers. The powerful contingent of research and development has offered guarantee for the leading technology used in product manufacture and scientific formulas, thus serving as a solid foundation for the development of first-rate quality.

Through applying herbalist doctors’ theory of traditional Chinese medicine and the theory of healthcare culture on the basis of three healthcare ideologies, and following the “Three principles for product development”, FOHOW Group has developed and produced more than ten varieties of excellent healthcare food which belong to three series— “Regulating, clearing and nourishing”. They include FOHOW Oral Liquid, Three-treasure Oral Liquid, Three-clearing Oral Liquid, Sea Cal., Clossy Ganoderma Capsule, Xueqingfu Capsule, Rose Oligose, and Six-ingredient Tea, etc. In addition, FOHOW Group has developed a variety of beautifying products which have the efficacy of mental healthcare as well as functional textile products and healthcare apparatus which have the efficacy of healthcare via behavior. For more  information on FOHOW products, kindly visit https://www.kara.com.ng/health-personal-care/fohow


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