Ramadan is a month of fasting, introspection, and spiritual renewal for Muslims. It also means that Muslims are prohibited from eating or drinking from sunrise to sunset.

For most people, their house is a haven, a place where they can withdraw from the outside world. It’s also the most expensive asset most people will buy in their lifetime. Maintaining a home, on the other hand, can be a strain for time-pressed families.

A smart home, once thought to be something only future generations could achieve, is now a very real prospect. Part of the reason for this is that computer technology has altered the way we work, communicate, and even socialize during the previous 30 years.

Since technology is everywhere, it’s only natural that it will soon begin to affect our houses. Any technology’s main goal is to reduce or eliminate time spent on tedious and monotonous household duties.

Having if not the latest but close to the latest electrical gadgets in your home makes the comfort livelier, especially during the time of Ramadan where you can as well adapt to listening to the verses of the Qur’an, Islamic sermons on TV etcetera.


It’s almost time we enter the holy month of Ramadan for this year and it’ll be very interesting to upgrade your kitchen to the next level. It will also help the Muslim brothers and sisters prepare in advance efficiently.


Rice is one of our basic foods down here, so it’s not unusual to see a lot of Muslim families preparing a lot of rice for iftaar. The rice cooker allows the operator to continue with other cooking tasks while the rice cooks. With its automated feature, you don’t have to worry about your rice becoming cooked and ruining Iftaar for everyone. Even more intriguing, the rice cooker may be used to prepare beans, yam, or soup. In preparation for Ramadan, the rice cooker is an essential addition to your kitchen appliances.


While many people prefer to have their pepper ground at the market, a blender can save you a lot of time and energy during Ramadan when cooking sauces for rice, yam porridge, or other soups that don’t necessitate the use of a grinder. Also, in emergency situations where the soup is too thick or too peppery and you need to ease it up with extra tomatoes, a blender can really come in helpful. A blender is one of those essential emergency gadgets that you can’t afford to be without during the 30-day fast. It simplifies your cooking while also saving you time and money!


If your refrigerator hasn’t been used in a while, now is a good opportunity to have it checked out or shop for a new one if it’s been damaged. During Ramadan, a lot of shopping is required. These culinary items, from fresh pepper to stock, beef, and dairy goods, will almost always need to be refrigerated for later use or preservation. Consider the case of a working mother. Making a daily journey to the market and then cooking is likely to be stressful for her, especially when she is also fasting.

For her, a cost-cutting strategy will be to stock the refrigerator with what she needs for the week. It allows her to save more time while also conserving her energy. A refrigerator is one kitchen gadget that you will want to have on hand during Ramadan and long beyond. You can look through our inexpensive brands category here.


A microwave may be one of those kitchen items that is overlooked in the average Nigerian household. Surprisingly, you’ll find it in many kitchens, but try putting in that cold dish of beans, and you’ll discover that the microwave is just sitting pretty on the countertop. Keep in mind, though, that as we approach Ramadan, it’s critical to make sure your microwave is in perfect operating order. You could want to inquire as to why. Consider the following possibilities.

  • In order to fulfill the Iftar schedule, cooking will most likely begin about 5-6 p.m., allowing the meal to sit in the cooler for another hour or more. The dish may not be as hot when served during Iftar as it was when it was made. Put it in the microwave for a couple of minutes to solve the problem.
  • After Iftaar, many individuals like to take a couple of spoons from their meal to give them the strength they need to observe Tarawih. This almost certainly implies the food will not be as hot when they return, which may result in a lack of appetite. In a situation like this, the microwave is also useful. So now you understand why having one is so important?


Apart from the winter season, Ramadan is the time when Nigerians consume the most tea. During Iftaar, every house is normally heating water for tea or pap, and during Suhoor, they are most likely boiling water for eba, semo, or amala. With all of the boiling that needs to be done, a boiling kettle will save you money on gas or kerosene. If your boiling kettle isn’t in great working order, you should have it checked out or buy a new one to avoid any problems while you’re slaving away in the kitchen.

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