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Samsung Galaxy S8: The face saving Game changer?


With the exploding problems that trailed the Samsung Note 7 phones which led to a massive withdrawal and stop in production of the device. This resulted in a massive drop in their profit to the lowest experienced in almost eight years and lawsuits flying in from various directions. In a bid to regain its footing in the world of smartphone technology, the Korean company in set to roll out the Samsung Galaxy S8.

This is a next generation installment to the galaxy S7 which was released in March 2016. The S7 had no news of going up in flames and as such still holds some reputation in the mobile phone industry for Samsung. The Galaxy S8 gives Samsung a chance to win back Samsung Faithfull amongst buyers to the brand with higher grade technology and or very friendly prices. Samsung has the ability to produce a very good phone. Prior to the explosion reports, most tech analysts gave the Note 7 huge remarks for being quite impressive.

The date of release is still unknown but the rumors going about and around suggest that the launch date might be delayed to as far as April next year as  Samsung is making sure all things are done to avoid another debacle that the Note 7 brought.

Some of the rumored features are:

  • The Face of the Galaxy S8 will be up to 90% of the surface according to a report in South Korea
  • Optical finger print scanner
  • Super-high 4K resolution in contrast to the 2K resolution of Galaxy S7
  • Two rear cameras and the front camera may come with auto-focus
  • The Galaxy S8 maybe pressure sensitive
  • It could have an AI assistant named Bixby


The Samsung Galaxy S8 is seen to many as Samsung’s rebound phone to recapture the dent caused by the Note 7.

We’ll update you as more information surface on the phone in the buildup to its release. Be assured that the Samsung Galaxy S8 will be available on kara.com.ng upon release.



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