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Ritar 150Ah/12V Deep Cycle Battery facts and Figure

Ritar 150ah 12v Deep Cycle Battery design/Kara.com.ng

In the realm of reliable power solutions, the Ritar 150Ah/12V Deep Cycle Battery stands tall as a powerhouse, designed to cater to diverse energy needs with exceptional efficiency and longevity. Let’s delve into the features and benefits that make this battery a standout choice for applications such as telecom, UPS, inverter, and solar systems.

Ritar Deep Cycle Battery Key Features:

Telecom Grade Performance:

Designed with a 10-year design life in float service, the Ritar 150Ah/12V AGM Battery meets telecom-grade standards, ensuring durability and reliability in critical communication applications.
Rechargeable and Efficient:

This battery boasts fast-charging capabilities and low internal resistance, making it a responsive and energy-efficient choice for various power requirements.
Maintenance-Free Sealed Battery:

The spill-proof, leak-proof design of the sealed AGM battery ensures a hassle-free experience. No maintenance is required, providing convenience and peace of mind.

High Reliability and Stable Quality:

Crafted with stable quality materials and featuring heavy-duty grids, the Ritar battery ensures high reliability and consistent performance over the long term.

Long Service Life in Float or Cyclic Applications:

Whether used in float or cyclic applications, the Ritar AGM Inverter Battery offers a long service life, making it a dependable choice for diverse energy storage needs.

Low Pressure Venting System:

Equipped with a low-pressure venting system, the battery is designed for safety and efficient operation, ensuring optimal performance in various conditions.
Wide Temperature Range Suitability:

The Ritar Deep Cycle Battery is engineered to operate efficiently across a wide temperature range, enhancing its adaptability to diverse environments.

Ritar Deep Cycle Battery Applications:

Solar Systems
Marine and RV
Deep Discharge UPS
Quality and Safety Certifications:

ETTS Germany, EMC tested
ISO9001:2000 Certificate
CE G4M20203-0910-E-16
Data sheet
Technical Specifications:

Brand: RITAR
Reference: FT12-150
Volts: 12
Ah: 150Ah (c10)
Length: 560.00 cm
Width: 125.00 cm
Height: 316.00 cm
Terminal: M8
Weight: 57.7 Kgs

Ritar Deep Cycle Battery Environmental Responsibility:

Ritar takes pride in being environmentally friendly, producing cadmium-free lead-acid batteries that are not only sustainable but also come with a competitive price tag.
Quality, Efficiency, and Longevity:

Invest in the Ritar 150Ah/12V AGM Inverter Battery for a seamless, efficient, and enduring power solution. Enjoy the assurance of a 4-year design life span and the added confidence of a one-year warranty backed by reliable after-sales service.
Choose Ritar, empower your energy needs. Order now for a reliable and sustainable power solution.


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