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blog-hyundai-generator (1)You can buy Hyundai Gasoline Generator 2.5KVA HYG25KFE online in Nigeria at kara Nigeria. When electricity goes down, what options do people have? One alternative includes using a backup generator to provide power until electricity is restored. Or, in the case of a work site where power is not available, generator such as Hyundai generator that provide a viable option. When considering what type of generator to buy, shoppers can select from a variety of choices on Two of the most popular generator types include gasoline and diesel powered options for the home and business. When purchasing a generator, make sure to weigh the pros and cons of each generator type and how each type performs under certain circumstances. Hyundai generators rugged construction makes them ideal for working in harsh environments or taking a lot of use day-in-day-out. Hyundai generators provide you with that extra cushion of power while also giving out low emissions and Noise‎.‎It has a Low‎‐oil shutoff protects your generator‎’‎s engine from damage if it runs too low on oil‎,‎ a spin‎‐on oil filter and a fuel gauge to show you the level of fuel left‎.‎

Hyundai 2.5kVA petrol engine Specifications

  • Model No” HYG25KFE
  • Power‎:‎ 2.5kVA
  • Fuel Tank Capacity‎:‎ 15L
  • Built‎‐in‎‐AVR
  • Electric Starter
  • Oil Alarm System
  • Voltmeter
  • DC Volt‎:‎ 12V
  • 100% Copper Coil Transformer
  • Single Cylinder‎,‎ 4 Stroke‎,‎ Air‎‐Cooled Petrol Engine

Price And Availability

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