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How to Increase Your Computer Speed


lappyIf your computer is sluggish or slow or if you just want to make sure you maintain your investment, you may want to know some basic tips on computer maintenance. You can take several simple steps you to avoid common computer problems that can affect your computer speed. Keep your system healthy and running smoothly with these basic tips on increasing computer speed.

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What You Need to Know:


Upgrade your Internet connection

Your computer speed may not be the problem; it may be your Internet connection or networking devices that are slowing things down. Slow Internet response isn’t always related to slow computer speed. Check your connection speed using an online Internet connection speed tester. You should not need to download any software to do this. Also, check that your router, modem or other networking devices are up to date.


Clean up your registry

The registry contains information about all the files on your computer, even ones you have removed. Clearing the registry of old files can help enhance your computer speed. You may need to read up on how your computer’s registry works before you alter anything. You can also download a registry cleaning tool from a trusted Web site.


Protect against spyware and viruses

Installing antivirus and anti-spyware software is one of the best things you can do for your computer. This software will identify and remove known viruses and spyware as well as help you identify safe Websites and screen your downloads. Spyware and malware can affect computer speed by using your computer resources for unauthorized tasks or even ruining other programs. Make sure your software is up to date and scan your computer often.


Defragment your hard drive

Data is stored on your hard drive wherever there is free space. Sometimes, files for one program can be spread out in different places. Defragmenting your computer’s hard drive moves files to make them easier to access. Your computer speed will increase and more space will open up on the hard drive.


Clean up unwanted files and folders

If you have old files or folders that you don’t need, you may want to delete them from your computer’s hard drive. You can improve your computer speed by cleaning up these files.


Turn off some start up programs

Many programs run simultaneously on your computer, and not all of them are necessary. Programs that start up automatically when you turn on your computer can reduce computer speed. Read your help file or user manual to learn how to remove unnecessary programs from your system startup. Increase your speed by reducing the number of programs running automatic.


Install additional RAM

Computer speed is limited to what your computer hardware can support. Random access memory (RAM) is where your computer temporarily stores data for calculations. The more RAM your computer has, the bigger its capacity to do multiple tasks. Adding additional RAM can significantly increase your computer speed.


Retire your old computer

If you computer has faithfully served you for several years yet computer speed has become a progressive problem, it may be time to replace it. Computer components degrade over time, and system requirements for new software require more memory and computing power. As time goes by, computer speed will naturally decrease. If you can’t upgrade your memory or hard drive, it may be time to replace your system entirely. This is a big step that every computer owner encounters sooner or later, and it may be the only option for increasing computer speed.


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