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Honor View 20 officially announced with 48MP Camera.


Honor, the sub-brand of Huawei, has announced the holding of an event in Paris on January 22 with official tagline as “See The Unseen”, with an image of a camera in the upper left on the screen.honor january 2019 phone launch news teaser

Honor is giving us another mouth watering device to look forward to in the coming year although Honor is not the first nor the only device that has promised us a camera to behold, Huawei and Samsung are already prepping all-screen smartphones with a circular front camera cutout.

Today expecting Samsung own unseen device the Galaxy A8S which is promised to unveil today as well as 2 day to now we shall expect Huawei own Nova 4 which promise captivating specification, however, Honor claimed they have a lot of first for us to behold in the specially baked cake expected (View 20)

The Honor View 20 will be the successor to the Honor View 10. Like its predecessor the Honor View 20 is expected to have the latest Huawei processor, the Kirin 980, which already includes phones such as the Huawei Mate 20 and Mate 20 Pro.Image result for honor VIEW 20

The View 20 is said to sport an in-screen camera with a 4.5mm diameter circular peephole which sits in the upper left of the View 20 LCD display, allowing the front-facing camera to sit beneath and see through the screen of this “All-View Display.” Interestingly, the lens here is mounted “like a diamond” underneath the display,

This “hole-screen” technology is one of the latest innovations in tech world. Honor claims that by “using a special design, it maintains the structure of the display while allowing the front camera to function properly,” it’s also emphasizing that “the hole is not a traditional hole.”

The View 20 will also feature a 48-megapixel rear camera, and according to Honor it will be powered by Sony’s IMX586 CMOS. The Sony IMX586 which is a half-inch stacked CMOS sensor with 48 MP resolution and 0.8-micron pixel size. The Quad Bayer array uses a process called pixel binning to combine the light data from four adjacent pixels in low light situations, allowing the Honor View 20 to create brighter images with less noise.

The high-pixel count will be most effective in well-lit situations, but in the dark, the camera will rely on pixel-binning techniques to merge four 0.8um pixels into one to mimic larger 1.6um cells (read: 12 megapixels), thus supposedly getting the best of both worlds.Image result for honor VIEW 20

View 20 also promised a dual-NPU (neural processing unit) and dual-ISP (image signal processor) Kirin 980 chipset from Huawei. This chip adds a “48MP AI HDR” mode to help “create an AI-enabled high-definition 48MP image.”

While the front camera on  the other hand, Honor says will come with “Link Turbo,” an AI-powered feature that allows simultaneous downloading via Wi-Fi and 4G networks for maximum throughput. This also lets the phone conveniently switch from Wi-Fi to 4G when the former becomes slow, as opposed to getting stuck to Wi-Fi the default configuration for most mobile devices regardless of connection speed.

As far as the battery life is concerned much has not been revealed, other than the fact that it’ll have super-fast charging up to 40W, claim says it will support 22.5W charging too.Image result for honor VIEW 20

We believe the Honor View 20 will also ship with Android 9.0 Pie.

Conclusions are yet to be made about which phone is expected in January 22, even if its view 20 the specifications are not ascertained, however, all this will be revealed and sorted in due time (January 22).



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